Primer casero / Homemade primer (with english subtitles)

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Homemade Primer for Eyeshadows
Hey guys! Today I惴 gonna show you how to do a homemade primer for your eyeshadows
This way your eyeshadow will have more color and will last more time too
It愀 really easy to do and all you need to do this I惴 sure you have it at home
We will need
First of all, an empty sample jar. It can be transparent, black, whatever, with lid
In the information box there are some shops where you can buy this jars at low prices.
We will also need liquid foundation or concealer. It should be liquid.
I惴 gonna use this foundation from Mercadona (spanish shop) It愀 really cheap but contains SPF 12
And it愀 really good because it has jojoba oil, panthenol and E vitamin. The jojoba oil is great for the acne
The third thing we惻l need is a moisturizer, it can be any moisturizer (for hands, face) but it shouldn愒 be too liquid
It should be thick
And a little spoon or a tip for mix it up.
So let愀 get started
First of all take the empty jar, open it, and take the concealer or foundation
I惴 using the foundation from Mercadona
Put a little foundation in the empty jar
Once you扉e done this, take the moisturizer
And with a spoon or a tip take a little moisturizer
And put it in the jar with the foundation or concealer
Mix it well
We can put as many foundation and moisturizer according to the quantity we want
I惴 gonna put a little more moisturizer
And mix well
If you want a primer for darker eyeshadows, you can put a darker foundation or concealer
But if you want a clear primer, you can put the clearest foundation you扉e got
Mix it well until you get an uniform mixture
And now you扉e got a homemade primer for your eyeshadows.
Now I扉e got the primer ready I惴 gonna show you an example of it with primer
and without any primer with an eyeshadow
The eyeshadow I used was this from one of the Manga Make up Book of Eyeko
I applied this eyeshadow putting first the primer
And this one is without the primer. This one is more clear without the primer
But this one has retained its original color
Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial
If you have any question leave a comment or whatever you want