Ctrl+Z - Tea with death

Uploaded by manavia on 03.07.2010

Ctrl + Z
If God existed
life would have this command.
Have you been wet the whole day
'cause you had forgotten the umbrella?
Crtl +Z and you no longer have a cold
Marked the wrong alternative,
forgot saving before the Boss...
These are the little disgraces that make you
wanna die at the end of the day.
Answering the door.
Another classic mistake.
Sugar. Left cupboard.
What the fuck?
I'm Death.
Odd tea.
Ctrl + Z.
I惴 Death.
Okay, you may take me.
Easy... we have all the time in the world.
At least, I have.
That's the spirit!
what do you want to do right now?
Convince someone in 140 characters
that Death is sitting on my coach.
You tell me.
Are you challenging Death?
Best-of-three, then?
Let's see who kills who at the end.
I like wars.
have you accomplished any of your objectives yet?
I haven愒 took over the world yet.
I did it!
I conquered Africa.
You just realized it now?
Oh, and there was that day...
15th century, I guess,
there was this long-bearded guy.
He used to keep his beard in a bag.
One day
he forgot to put the beard inside the bag
and his house went on fire.
So, he was going downstairs,
tripped over the beard,
fell and died.
I love planning the deaths.
But then come the annoying suicides.
I hate suicides.
I beat it!
I'll take the 'dead`
It's time.
Forgetting the gas on.