Tutorial: Abspann erstellen mit Magix Video Deluxe 2013

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 20.09.2012

Almost all films end with final credits.
And such you can add to your videos.
How this works, I'll show you now.
First we go to the title editor.
And enter the text for the final credits.
I have already prepared the text and copy him just inside.
We confirm the input above with the checkmark.
Now the text is even more rigid than text.
We change as we select the title in the timeline,
and then we go to "Animation" => "from bottom to up."
Now the text is running through the image.
I have already prepared the last scene from the film, fade out the end.
The final credit we can start where the scene fades out.
The final credit is now running too quickly.
If we look at the video, you can barely read the text.
We pull the title a little longer so it runs slower.
If we now look at it, the text is in an easy to read speed.
Who a final credit is too boring on a black background,
can export one of the last frames from the movie.
We move the slider to the point that we want to copy.
Now we go to "File" => "Export movie" => "single frame as BMP"
Now the resolution is displayed with which the image will be saved.
The file I call "Abspann-Film", and click on "OK."
Now I cut the end of the video track (I press "U" to cut the end)
on that position where we export the single frame.
Now I import the frame.
I adjust the length of the final credits / title.
And I look at the result.
So simple you can insert final credits in your film.
You can also change the font, size and color of the text.
For this we highlight the title, click on "title" (up), and double-click in the preview monitor to select the text.
Now we can resize and change the font and change the color.
I now just change the color to demonstrate it to you.
As you can see, the color is now in red/pink.