Skate Sessions in SoCal - Red Bull Skate Arcade Winners Trip 2012

Uploaded by redbull on 26.11.2012

OK, so we're here in LA. Shall we pick up the luggage?
Hello, I’m Sergio Muñoz. I'm here in California at Venice Beach, after having won the Red Bull Skate Arcade in Spain. This is my prize.
Hi everyone. We're here in California. I'm Gianmarco.
My name is Benjamín García. I’m the winner from the Red Bull Skate Arcade in France.
The other two guys who won in France and Italy, you know, they’re cool, we like the same stuff. They are quite good at skating. We get on really well with each other, cuz we all love skating.
We’re in L.A. This is our first day. We skated here all the way from the Venice Skatepark. And we’re now at the Santa Monica pier.
Now we’re just gonna have some fun. The only bad thing is the fog around here. But that’s not a problem.
Shall we get an LA tattoo then?
We’ve been down the beach, roaming around San Diego. We’ve visited a bunch of new places. We never thought we would be here.
Torey Pudwill is the freaking boss. He’s always been the best since I first started skating. I watch every single video he makes. Just hi-fiving him was awesome.
We had a great time with Sheckler. His demo was amazing. We couldn’t believe what he was doing, just ripping at his usual skatepark, where he’s always been. And he’s a great guy.
Here we are in Santa Monica, at Red Bull’s premises, and today we’re skating with Joey Brezinski.
We’re on our way to the North Hollywood Skatepark.
This is Hollywood, man. This is the Chinese Theater.
These last few days have just been great, with all these guys who came here with me. Great weather, lots of girls, skating, beach, freedom. This has been awesome.