DIY Method For Ghost Flames Effect Without Using Paint

Uploaded by ButlerCollision on 01.06.2012

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\f0\fs22 \cf0 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0 Hi this is Donnie Smith and today we are going
to show you to do a custom effect and it is something that even you can do from your house
and it is not expensive and doesn\'92t even take paint to create ghost effect or a flat
mat look design and it is easy. First I would like to mention our sponsor
You can go there and subscribe to their newsletter for free and get how to videos and information
about auto body and paint. What we are going to do today is I am going to mask off a simple
design. Just going to do a little flame and just show you how to do this and this is fine
line tape and it is just a masking tape you use, makes curves real good. That is what
we use for masking stripes and custom effects, flames or whatever you want to do. It works
real well. So I am going to just lay out something out here real fast.\
\ I am just going to have it in and off this
panel here. Come up and again I am not painting this truck. I am just going to add to this.
I am just going to add to this. So I am going to kind of work within what I have. I am not
taking the stripe off. So I am just going to build a design that kind of fits into here.
something like that and another thing when you are using this tape, you don\'92t want
to pull it too hard, because that will stretch the tape and then your curves will start curling
up on here. Flames are just going to start narrow and then gradually get thicker, wider
towards the end of it. If you don\'92t like something just pull it off and redo it and
like that very in there. So I just got just a little flame outline starts off the panel,
comes up here and another little flame down here.\
\ So I am just going to use as my basic DIY
design. You are going to step back and see you like it, if not you can re-tape it. It
only takes a little bit of time. Let me go with that. Now what you want to do is use
some masking tape to go round that outline and make sure you don\'92t crossover your
blue lines when doing this. Okay you can see I\'92ve got the basic outline masked on top
of this. It doesn\'92t have to be perfect like your painting. You know when you are
painting you make sure that everything is taped just perfect so paint wont seep under
that, but I am not painting so as long as what I am going to do. We are going use certain
type of sandpaper to sand this and you don\'92t want your sand marks to be passed that line.\
\ Now what I going to do, I\'92ve got some 3000
grit and this is not any sandpaper. You don\'92t want to do with if sandpaper is too porous.
This is 3000 grit which is very fine and I am going to kind of fade the sand scratches
in kind like you would with air brush when you are painting. These tips are going to
be extra hard and it will fade out here little bit. Fall around here and be little extra
hard in the tip. So I am going to start off just by lightly sanding these tips and they
are flying. I am going to follow the edge here and follow around this edge. Just kind
of sand in and around these edges to get this tip extra good and more lightly just sand
the whole thing just lightly and that is it. That is all you do and that will unmask that
and you will see what it looks like and here is a little tip if you are doing something
like this. We are going to want it the same exact same on the other side. So you can use
something like this to make a template.\ \
Just put it over the area that you are going to be working on while it is still masked
off. So it has an edge to work off it and this can work with masking paper and this
is just gift wrapping papers. You don\'92t have masking paper. What you do is kind of
find where your line starts and use the edge of your pencil. You hold paper so it doesn\'92t
move. It moves a little. Now you can see inside of that line. You see now exactly where the
ins and ins. So I can go keep that right here. Now just unmask it. Now you can see. It kind
of may be hard to see on camera, I am not sure because it is not. It is not real visible.
It a kind like ghost effect. You can see the highlights around here on the tips and you
can kind see the outline here. It is not real, real noticeable. It is more of a ghost effect
and if there is spot you think needs a little bit more you can come back and carefully sand
it.\ \
If you go past this outline it is going to mess it up. But kind of go around. But that
is basically how you do that and the good thing about this is if you get it done, \'91Man
I just don\'92t like that\'92 roll this slightly go over the whole thing with some of the 3000.
Buff it up and it is gone. So it is nothing that it is not permanent. It is something
that you if you don\'92t like so. Anyway there is a quick little tip for you for doing a
ghost effect. Okay and if you are not into trying to make your own design or anything
like that. 3M has made this really simple for DIY. They have got this kit.\
\ It is custom made image kit and it has everything
you need. It has a sand paper, also has the paper that you can print on a printer. You
can cut it out and put it on there like a logo. If you want some type of logo, you can
print it, cut it out. It has some adhesive on it. You put it on the vehicle. You sand
the logo area and you can sand the whole logo. It doesn\'92t have to be faded in like this.
This is just a something that we did a little different. You can sand the whole area. Peel
if off and you got a perfect image of your logo that will be in this mat look.\
\ So anyway pretty cool little kit. Has everything
you need and has all the directions here how to do this. So anyway just quick little tip
for you, I thought it was pretty cool and thought to pass it along. Thanks for watching.}