Food City Kitchen with Chef Walter and Jan Charles - Walter's Mashed Potatoes and Parsnips

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bjbj Walter: Sweet potatoes, everybody knows that for Thanksgiving - I bet you know this
Jan, because everybody knows this. Jan: I might know it. Walter: For Thanksgiving, you
take sweet potatoes, this super food, and you put a whole lot of butter on it. Jan:
[inaudible 00:00:19] Walter: A whole lot of brown sugar. You put it in a casserole dish
and you top that healthy thing off by putting marshmallows on top of it. Jan: Or brown sugar
and pecans. Walter: Or brown sugar and pecans, yeah. Jan: Yeah. We can do that. Walter: Or
even coconut. We're going to have sweet potatoes for you for Thanksgiving, and it's not going
to have any of those things. Jan: You're going to do something [inaudible 00:00:35]. Walter:
In this pot, I've just cut up and boiled a couple of big sweet potatoes and about three
little parsnips. Show them what a parsnip looks like. Jan: All right. Walter: That's
a parsnip. It looks like an anemic turnip. Jan: There we go. There we go. Walter: I mean
an anemic carrot. Jan: But they're good. Walter: We're going to mash those up. Jan: Okay. Walter:
All we're going to put in them, we're going to put just a little - for the milk - we're
going to put some fat fee evaporated milk. Jan: Right, and I tasted it. Walter: You think
it's awful. Jan: I thought it was awful. But in there, it's fabulous. Walter: You just
got to pay attention to me, because I know this sort of stuff. Instead of a stick of
butter, that was about a tablespoon and a half. This is a touch of nutmeg, and don't
overdo that, because nutmeg's easy to overdo. Jan: Now, are you using ground? Or do you
get fresh? Walter: Ground. I have a nutmeg grinder. I have nutmegs. I ground some, I
think it was in '62 or '63. I just don't do that much. And then you just mash them. Now,
could you put them in the mixer and whip them? Yes, but I'd rather you didn't, because it'll
change the texture. Jan: They'll get a little gluey, won't they? Walter: They'll get gluey
in a hurry. But anyway, you're not going to stand there and watch me mash all those until
they're soft. But then, you're going to put those babies in an attractive bowl. They're
going to look like this. You're going to put them in an attractive bowl and then just for
the heck of it, you're going to sprinkle on top a few chives or the onion tops. Jan: Green
onions, scallions. Walter: Yeah, scallion tops. Jan: Well, I tell you Walter. This one
is something I think even the children would eat. And that's saying something. Walter:
Yeah. It's much more nutritious, because sweet potatoes are one of the super foods. Heavy
in beta carotene. Lots of vitamins, lots of fiber, good thing and you saw the whole process
except for the peeling. Peeling is a pain in the neck, so I didn't show that to you.
Can be a pain in the thumb if you don't use a peeler. But at any rate, that gives you
a great side dish that is healthier, and I guarantee you folks are going like it. Jan:
Good. Walter: I semi-guarantee you that folks are going to like it. Get the recipe. Chef's
Recipe, 6450 Paper Mill Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37919. Send a self-addressed stamped
envelope. Or you could just go to our web channel. That's It's going
to be posted and waiting there for you. See, we're getting you ready for Thanksgiving,
even though it's a while before it gets here. Jan: Never too . . . h?Fw h?Fw h?Fw gd?Fw
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