An Inconvenient Truth (2/10) Movie CLIP - None Like it Hot (2006) HD

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(narrator announcing)
You're probably wondering why your ice cream went away.
Well, susie, the culprit isn't foreigners.
It's global warming.
Global wha... Yeah.
Man: Meet mr. Sunbeam.
He comes all the way from the sun to visit earth.
Hello, earth. Just popping in to brighten your day.
♪ la, la, la, la, la, la, la! ♪
And now I'll be on my way.
Not so fast, sunbeam.
We're greenhouse gases. You ain't going nowhere.
Oh, god, it hurts.
Man: Pretty soon, earth is chock-full of sunbeams.
Their rotting corpses heating our atmosphere.
(all laughing)
How do we get rid of the greenhouse grasses?
Fortunately, our handsomest politicians
Came up with a cheap, last-minute way to combat global warming.
Ever since 2063,
We simply drop a giant ice cube into the ocean every now and then.
Just like daddy puts in his drink every morning.
And then he gets mad.
Man: Of course, since the greenhouse gases are still building up,
It takes more and more ice each time.
Thus, solving the problem once and for all.
But... Once and for all!