Rebecca Soni: How to Time Your Kick in the Breastroke

Uploaded by ProTips4U on 21.03.2012

I'm Rebecca SOni Olympic gold medalist in the 200m breast stroke
Today I'm going to be sharing with you one of my favorite drills
I call it add a kick, but other people can call it two kicks one stroke
I'm sure you've all tried it at one point time or another in practice
but basically it what you doing in this
drill is you're taking two kicks every time you take one stroke
So as you time it
you basically are working on body positioning and also timing and
that's why i like ththis drill so much
so as you go into the water you're going to take one pull
and a regular kick and
slide under water and take the second kick
I'll show you how it looks in the pool
when you're doing the add a kick drill
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