Pierrot Le Fou - Venice Film Festival '65

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We're at the Lido in Venice.
I wouldn't want to be in the jury's shoes at this festival,
because the films up until now have been forgettable.
Just two films stand out,
but for different reasons, they have little chance of winning.
The first is Bunuel's Simon of the Desert,
a magnificent poem and beautiful exercise in style
featuring all of Bunuel's favorite themes.
But this is Italy, and the Italians don't appreciate blasphemy,
so Simon of the Desert probably won't win.
The second is Jean-Luc Godard's Pierrot le fou.
Is Pierrot le fou based on the gangster story in the news?
About Pierre Loutrel? Absolutely not.
The guy's name isn't even Pierrot. It's Ferdinand.
The girl he's in love with calls him Pierrot just to annoy him,
and he keeps saying, "My name's Ferdinand!"
And she calls him crazy, so that becomes a nickname.
You have him read from History of Art by Elie Faure. Why?
As the movie begins, he reads a passage from History of Art
that I think really fits the -
It's a film about painting - well, not exactly,
but the film is like a painting.
Like a painted landscape, or a portrait - a bit of both.
I think my initial intention was like that of a painter.
Here it happens to be Velázquez, a great master,
so the analogy aims a bit high, but I liked it.
Jean-Luc Godard, are you a provocateur?
I don't mean that as an insult.
But it is.
No, you can provoke admiration or surprise as well as anger.
In that sense, sure, to provoke an event,
but an agent provocateur, no.
Exactly. For example, you like to startle people.
Not really, but if people are half asleep,
a loud noise will startle them,
whereas if they were awake, it wouldn't at all.
Anna, tell us about your role in Pierrot le fou.
She's an extraordinary character
because she's so many things at once.
She's mean, treacherous,
romantic, sentimental.
She kills people
but then goes right on living very spontaneously.
You often act
as an agent for the force known as Godard.
But I think all my previous roles are contained in this character.
It's A Woman Is a Woman, My Life to Live,
Le petit soldat, Band of Outsiders - a bit of all of those.
Don't you think you're the femme fatale of 1965?
- Me? - Yes.
Absolutely not!
I don't think so,
because I like to keep changing.
I like to live, do whatever I want. I don't think that's very femme fatale.
Besides, I don't look the part!
- You never know. - Perhaps. I'd love it!