Final Fantasy XI GoldWing Meeble Burrows Adjunct #5

Uploaded by Pysnegnup on 05.10.2012

Hi everyone!
Today we're back on Final Fantasy XI, once again on the Event Meeble Burrows
For the first boss of the first expedition, Adjunct, called GoldWing!
We can only fight him after we've done all 4 first Adjunct Expedition
It's a LadyBug as you can see who wasn't too complicated for 6 player But you'll see that at some moment
She did lot of dammage
She doesn't have a lot of defence
But she has a lot of evasion
And she has debuffs that can reduce the Attack of every melee around her
For these Debuffs, in this fight it's good to have a Scholar who can Erasega
or a White Mage for Esuna, since she can do 2 Ability that do powerful debuffs
The first one is called Noisome Powder
It's an AoE that'll do Attack Down on every melee
and it can increase the time required to kill her
The 2nd is Searing Effulgence, which does a powerful Dia
Not only it'll reduce defense to -25%, but it'll also do lot of damage with the DoT
So for these 2 ability, if they're erase fast
As you can see the boss doesn't live long
And the boss just died already and you can see on the screen drop we can get from him!
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