Growing Bush Zucchini

Uploaded by UIExtension on 22.06.2010

What we have here is a bush zucchini. This is a nice rounded mound of a plant
and there are several plants planted there all together just like always say, put them in a mound
put several of them
and they'll spread out. It still stays as this nice little mound. It doesn't spread
across the garden like some of the other plants here -- the pumpkins and things where you get vines
all over.
There are older vine zucchinis, but they take over part of your garden. The bush zucchinis
are really nice for compact gardens for people who don't have very much space.
One thing you should do though is harvest them often.
You want the zucchinis to be small.
They're much tenderer and much nicer when you have small zucchinis.
Don't wait until they get big like this. The plant will just grow a few big ones instead
of having a lot of them so if you harvest when they're small, you'll get lots of fruit. If you wait
until they're big, you'll just get a few big ones and they won't be as good to eat. So harvest
them and early harvest them often