110621 - World's First Coins With QR Codes in Netherlands

Uploaded by HyperReport on 21.06.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for June 21st
of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1543.60 Silver is at 36.17
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 42.67 Oil is at 94.40
and the US Dollar is at 74.79
What makes the IMF think it's right about Greece?
Much of the world remains mired in the worst downturn since the Great Depression;
a downturn that the IMF totally failed to predict,
as noted by the IMF's own Independent Evaluation Office.
The same economists who failed to predict the 2007 financial crash
are still in the driving seat with the Greek crisis.
Is it any wonder why there are mounting protests in Greece?
Short Debt Limit Hike Possible
Mitch McConnell, Republican Leader in the U.S. senate,
said that the debt limit could be raised for a few months,
thus, the can is potentially kicked down the road making the eventual mess even more devistating.
In short, the fiscal dance continues.
World's First Coins With QR Codes Will Start Circulating in the Netherlands Next Week
The Dutch are turning out what may be the world’s first coins with QR codes,
which currently link to the national mint, but after June 22 will link to a “surprise.”
The surprise could be the World bank.... Who knows.
The silver and gold coins will be available starting on June 22nd.
Buying Silver and Gold with a $500 Budget
Many Americans are beginning to buying precious metals to protect their wealth, but only have
a monthly budget of $500. So what to buy... Perhaps one these would
be an option....
1. Twelve one ounce Eagles or Maples. 2. 1/10 ounce gold Eagle or Maple, 7 1 oz
eagle or maples, and 1 silver round. 3. 1/10 ounce gold Eagle or Maple, 4 1 oz
eagle or maples, and 3200 nickels.
When buying, shop around for the best prices and shipping charges.
Misery Index Hits New high
The misery index – the sum of the unemployment, at 9.1%, and consumer price inflation rates,
at 3.6% – hit 12.7, or hit a 28-year high, last month.
Yet, these are the offical numbers that do not take account how inflation and unemployment
calculations have been readjusted in the 90's. Just imagine what it would be with the same
calucations as done in the 70's.
Ready To Be Taxed By The Miles You Drive?
Because there are more fuel efficient and electric cars,
funds are being depleted for road improvement projects; thus, leaving crumbling roads and
bridges. Of course, raising the gas tax or proposing
a tax on miles driven can is politically unwise... like nationalized healthcare.
So, get ready for one of those midnight votes that will put this tax by the mile into your
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day