Steampunk DIRIGIBLE DAYS EP 5 - "What Has Sunk May Rise" webseries episode five

Uploaded by DirigibleDays on 15.01.2013

At the height of the Victorian age an asteroid crossed our orbit
it did not collide with the Earth
but with cursed luck, our planet did not miss the debris in its wake...millions perished
however the Earth was reshaped
and the skylands lifted
by the strange aetherite ore in the meteorites
eventually, civilization rose again
this is the year 997
and adventure is inescapable in these Dirigible Days
Come back to me, Josie, let me show you all I've learned from the Old Ones
I don't want to hurt you again
that's too bad, Salazar
because I really want to hurt you!
what the hell was that?
SS Beatrix
this is the Woe Claw frigate Vandal
you have something that belongs to us
prepare to be boarded
Get him!
did they say "woe claw"?
JOSIE: Mercenaries! SANTIAGO: Hooper, get to engineering. Josie, get us out of here!
Nobody's going anywhere.
especially him.
what josie?
I'm just stretching my legs, we've been stuck inside our own detention sell for two days
besides, I want to know what Captain and that mercenary are talking about
wonder how much damage has been done to the Beatrix
you know, these Woe Claw are just legalized pirates
we'll be lucky if the only thing they take is the ship
I don't know if we're going to get out of this one
Well, it looks like we're going to get out of this one!
seems like we inadvertently did our "friendly"
mercenary captors a favor...
You really didn't know what you had in your possession
did you, Captain?
just a man and a box
so I thought
get your foot off my desk
drink, Captain?
Salazar Strega
born in boston east america
graduate of Miskatonic University in both archaeology and engineering
forever head of Rabasa's deep sea Aklo program
and not only a former acolyte
of the Abrahamic Auctoritas
but high priest of the Cthulhu terrorist cult
that's quite a resume
you know it took a squad of our best to capture him?
while they were en route to rendezvous with my airship Vandal
they were ambushed by Mr. Cornell
I had operatives out across the region looking for that dog
two of which, you killed behind the Mighty Anchor Saloon
that was self-defense
my mistress' cousin
and a drunken fool
using him by me was a last resort
i can promise you that
and what about my ship?
oh yes, your ship
Woe Claw command has been deliberating your situation
since we first "rescued" you
we've decided not to confiscate this vessel
the death of my men has been deemed
self-defense as you say
and therefore still honorable
and although worth more alive
I was still able to collect the bounty
on Strega's corpse
and his effects
I hope that brasshole enjoys his reward
come on, let's get out here
how much time do you think it will take until our bird's flying again, Hoop?
Well, I haven't even seen any of the damage
HOOP: rough estimate maybe a week tops, maybe more in dry docks JOSIE: A WEEK!
Captain, I liked her better with the chalkboard
speaking of chalk boards
stop fighting
survey the ship's damage and make a supply list
I'll try and scrounge up a job while we're here
you know what I say
always mix business with pleasure!
so we're done here?
yes Captain we're done here
just what was that bloody contraption he had Keitel?

what that contraption was, Captain
is none of your business
but I can tell you this
this is an old world, Captain
and there are things in it that men like us can only imagine
And just one more thing, Captain...
yesterday afternoon we delivered Strega's body and the device
to a Rabasan transport.
this morning
news is abuzz of debris of a Rabasan airship
floating in the indian ocean
no survivors
and no corpses
no strange contraptions either

I think maybe we haven't heard the last of Strega
and his Cthulhu cult.
good day, Captain
I certainly hope not.
and they haven't seen the last of me!