Dietitians Dish on Choking and Your Preschooler: How To Prevent It

Uploaded by hnhucommunications on 05.09.2012

If your child has problems chewing, swallowing, choking or gagging while eating it is best
to discuss these concerns with your health care provider.
Reduce choking hazards by: Cutting grapes in half
Grating hard vegetables like carrots or cutting them into narrow strips
Removing pits and seeds from fruit Spreading peanut butter thinly -- peanut
butter spread too thick or offered on a spoon can cause choking
Cutting sausages and hot dogs into long strips and then bite sized pieces
And avoid offering popcorn, raisins and hard candy
But remember, any food can cause choking so always supervise your preschooler while eating
and keep distractions to a minimum -- that means turning off the TV and sitting down
at the dinner table to eat. For more information check out our website
and our other videos in this series.