Awesomely Diverse Tourist Market in Copacabana - The Brazil Series: Day 15 (28/12/2010)

Uploaded by lifeofageek on 29.12.2010

Yes, it has been raining and windy alllllllll day long... AGAIN.
Thankfully there's...
uh.. you guys can probably see the TV
That's not good...
There's an SVU marathon... So I have been watching that
I promise you guys we're gonna go out somewhere and somehow
as soon as the rain lets go we're probably gonna go for a walk
I'll show you some stores around here, but for now SVU is what I am doing
it's night time and it finally stopped raining
so we decided to come to the market here in Copacabana beach
it's a very known touristy spot and they sell a lot of cool stuff
we are in the Copacabana Market... it's right on the beach
I can show you guys the beach in a second... and there is a lot
of touristy stuff here... were talking about little statues and all sorts of
stuffÉ it's really cool I bought here a couple of things in the past
but it's a very big tourist area... let's see what we can find here.
**VOICE OVER** The Copacabana Market is one of the most popular tourist
**VOICE OVER** places to buy little things like shirts, statues and all
**VOICE OVER** sorts of things... we're talking about earrings, magnets
**VOICE OVER** and even instruments that are pretty cool
**VOICE OVER** there is all sorts of things in this placeÉ
**VOICE OVER** I really like this place especially because of the
**VOICE OVER** rock birds you guys are about to see in a little bit
**VOICE OVER** THESE are unbelievable... I really like them and besides
**VOICE OVER** that they sell from valued rocks to shirts to umbrellas
**VOICE OVER** anything that people can buy to make them feel like
**VOICE OVER** they took a little bit of brazil with them home
I want to buy this instrument really bad... I think I will be back for it
it's like 50 reais (about 20 bucks)... it's not too expensive.
I think MGM would've liked it...
we just left the market... there's nothing too "wow" in it...
there's a lot of little things that are pretty funÉ I like those birds a lot
I wanted to buy that instrument really bad but I don't have the money
for it on me right now... but I will be back for it
I am not gonna reveal to you guys what it is yet, but it's going to be my
new mission to learn how to play it well before classes start
attempting to drive stick here... haven't driven stick in like a year...
in Brazil all cars are stickÉ and I will see how I can do.
we're on our way home then going out later tonight...
** car stalls **
hah! there we go **sound of cars auto locks**
oh yea! like a pro!
so I didn't fail at driving stick... first time in like a year.
still got itÉ just not getting in the garage because there's no way
I can get this right now... not confident enough for it...
my first attempt I f**ked up a door... and then I got it right...
so I am not taking the risk
I hope you guys liked today. I just came back, it's 4:30AMÉ I am soo tired
went out, same as usual, a little bar here and there, with some friendsÉ
anyway I will see you guys tomorrow! take it easy!