Wegmans Pan-Steamed Vegetables

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 17.08.2010

I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to get vegetables into my diet. But also
for my kid's diet. This is a one pot steaming recipe called pan steaming that I'm going
to show you how. It's got a special ingredient in it that I think you're really gonna like.
I've got my pan on medium-low. I'm just going to start with a little olive oil. OK to that
olive oil I'm going to add some minced garlic. All right and now it's time for my secret
ingredient. Anchovies. I know some of you are making a face but really its not going
to be an anchovy dish. Anchovies are just going to add a different layer of flavor.
It's almost like a different kind of salt. A flavored salt. You can go ahead and add
however much you want. I'm going to add just one. But you can add as many as you want.
Again the anchovy is going to provide salt. And all I want to do is just move this around
in the oil. And you'll see that in just a couple of minutes as that garlic starts to
toast a little bit this anchovy is just going to dissolve right in the oil. And that's going
to permeate the oil. And really all it's going to wind up doing is seasoning the dish. I
can smell it already. It smells fantastic. So I'm just going to move this around very
quickly. And today I'm going to use cauliflower. But you could use any vegetable you want.
You can use broccoli. You can use Romanesco. You could use green beans. Any vegetable that
you like or that you want to eat is going to work for this method. OK so if you get
a look in there right there. You can see now that anchovy fillet is pretty much all dissolved.
OK that's just gonna take you a couple minutes at which point I'm adding one whole head of
cauliflower. Gonna go right in the pan OK. Got half a cup of water. All right and I'm
just going to season it with some salt. Then I'm going to turn this up to high all right.
And I'm going to cover it. You know depending on your vegetable anywhere from 8 to 12 minutes.
Or when that water evaporates. Your vegetables are gonna be done. You're gonna be ready to
take you right to the plate. All right so it's been about 10 minutes. I want to take
a look. I want to see if the water is evaporated cause that's going to be the tell-tale sign.
I stirred it occasionally over 10 minutes or so that it was cooking. Cauliflower might
take a little longer so you have to use your best judgment. If you're using green beans
obviously they might cook a little bit quicker. So when you're getting in there and stirring
while it's cooking every now and then. You'll be the best judge of how done you want it.
But I'm feeling real good about where this is. So I'm just gonna go ahead and turn that
off. I've got a serving dish right here. One pot beautiful. I'm just going to go ahead
and dump this right in there. Gorgeous! You can see that anchovy is completely dissolved
nowhere to be seen. Just left its tell-tale flavors behind. But I want to "guild the lily"
a little bit here too. I want to just go ahead and finish seasoning this. I'm gonna use a
little cracked black pepper. What I really like and I think people don't do an awful
lot I like to use a little citrus too. In lieu of salt sometimes. Citrus is really gonna
punch up the flavor without adding salt. You get that nice acidic edge to it. It really
has a tendency to brighten up vegetables. So I'm gonna squeeze a little bit of lemon
juice on there. And also I like a little kick as well. So I'm going to do some crushed red
chili flakes. And I'm ready to sit it right on the table. This is a perfect side dish
to maybe one of our Al Forno seafood dishes. You go ahead you try it at home. It's perfect
for a weeknight. It's a one pot vegetable dish. With that secret ingredient. Give it
a try. I know your going to love it.