Fukushima notes -- A Farmer -- ( English subtitle ) フクシマノート

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I don't have any hope for Iwate , either.
It'll probably be the same for Aomori, too.
( Won't they accept you ? )
I know someone living in a town in Aomori.
There's not as much snow as the rest of Aomori, you know.
Though it’s a bit colder than here,
it's not too bad living there even in the middle of winter.
Since it's a basin, fruit grows plentifully like cherries, grapes, apples etc.
- Do you want me to cook some HATAMA? - Huh?
- onion leaves, HATAMA - Yeah.
What do you want?
Hrmnnn. I don't think your kisses can help me right now.
Any better ideas, dear?
You owe me for the evacuation, 4 days together inside the car!
You'd better think of something!
I wonder if Mr.Endo knows someone who would help us.
"Open 7 a.m. through 10 p.m.!!" "Hang in there, MinamiSoma!!"
"Road Stop, MinamiSoma"
‘Disaster dispatch’
Well, I'm done!
I'm just going to leave these here.
We'll have to see if we can sell our products.
I doubt it.
I've been reading the newspaper too much. Now I'm just looking in the weekly magazines.
I read it will take 10 to 20 years to deal with the Melt Down.
I don't think we can make it here.
- Have you heard the news just now? - Not yet.
They said that the fresh water fish in Date area are no good.
In Fukushima, all the pastures tested over the safety level except Aizu.
Aizu was within the safety level, huh?
Yesterday,an employee of the Wholesale Market in Tokyo said that...
they wouldn’t deliver nor sell our products.
delivering to nearby areas is OK, but they can't deliver a big load to Tokyo.
It's probably best to find farming land outside of Fukushima.
Although the land price is beyond our reach…
...we still have that huge reclaimed area in Akita. Apparently, it costs around 250 million yen.
Can you imagine how long it would take us to pay off 250 million yen?
Ah? I'm not sure exactly, but I think you can get compensation or something.
I'm thinking about moving over there. It has an area of 80 ha.
Do you know Maki who lives in Odaka? He has already moved to Aomori.
I talked with him by cell phone, on Friday.
Now he's staying in a company house provided by a local development corp.
- I was seriously thinking about moving, too...but - Aomori is ....
- This is a relief package for you. - Really?
- Wow! We can get this much? - This is probably the last one.
It's already packed in a bag for each house. I put some toilet tissue and onion into another bag.
Not so much for a small family like you. But, big families like mine get 2 or 3 bags.
Big families get 2 bags, right?
Families with more than 5 people get 2 bags.
Eating these every day gives you high blood pressure, you know.
Eating too much of these.
In the shelter I heard that someone collapsed because of high blood pressure
since they started eating those instant meals every day.
Eating plain food is much better for me.
You don't want to try anything too weird.
I usually don't write regularly, but this time I tried so hard.
It made my urine turn yellow.
Well, I should keep on looking for some land. I don’t know how, but I’ll keep looking.
My house was so close to the river. I wonder how many meters away it was from the bank.
It was probably 10 meters away.
Maybe not 10 meters. Probably 20 meters.
All of a sudden, everything was swept away, so it wasn't like things just gathered around the neighborhood.
I had to actually look for things like my own drawers and stuff way out in the rice fields.
I saw some neighbors go all the way to Yunugi to find a kid's bag or something.
Looking for a glove, middle school book bags, and some kind of balls, too I believe
Most likely, the rest of the stuff went out to sea. Our van, too, what a waste!
It only had 50,000km on the mileage. I expected it to run 3 or 4 times longer.
It was floating so lightly, right out to sea.
- No way! - It's true.
People waiting for rescue up on the roof saw it go over the river and out to sea.
Now that I know what happened to my van, I guess I can accept it.
It could have washed ashore or something.
Right after the Tsunami retreated,
they said that some people went to the beach and picked up money. Can you believe the nerve!
Well, I heard it’s the same in Isobe and Karasu too. They said it was just floating around in bundles
How could anyone think of such thing, when we were all struggling to survive.
But I know for a fact...
- ...that many people made money from that and bought themselves a car. - Haha! Really?
There is no name written on that floating money, though.
I heard this yesterday. You'd think that they'd hand it in to the police.
There are always people who do sneaky things for their own benefit.
I thought I could go out along the coast, my van might have ended up somewhere on land.
Or someone might have taken it, you know.
Well, people should not go there just to pick up floating cash.
You know, people around here keep their money in their dresser instead of having a bank account.
The earthquake pulled all the drawers open.
- Unfortunately nobody can report their missing money. - Of course, there is no evidence of that money.
Because it might be tax evasion money, they can't report it.
One of my neighbors told me he lost 400,000 yen in his safe.
So I said to him, ”400,000 yen is not enough.
Maybe you should have said that you lost 400 or 500 million yen in a safe! "
He just laughed and said...
…“Really, is that too small of an amount? I can't even afford to buy a new TV!"
I also had a 24inch TV, not even 6 months old. It's way better than getting robbed though.
I agree.
You don't want to keep anything big these days.
They get suspicious and you'll get caught right away. It's the worst!
Come on, I'd better go and wash the equipment again.
3 or 4 days after the nuclear accident,
a cabbage farmer in Sukagawa hung himself and died in his greenhouse.
Poor thing, I was so furious, I could grab TEPCO by neck, make them kneel down on the ground to his family.
There must have been more suicide cases, but they don't announce them.
There must be many seriously struggling, you know.
Keep out! Disaster recovery area, no entry beyond this point
Traffic accident zone
Control speed now!
Please remember...