2013 Volkswagen CC 3.6 V6 Review (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by AutoTopnl on 01.07.2012

Welcome to the new VW CC!
VW don't want you to call it the Passat CC
They are trying to get it closer to the Phaeton
Which doesn't make any sense, since the interior is exactly the same as in a Passat
But it is a bit bigger than the old one
But the difference isn't big enough to give it a different name
It did get a nosejob!
It now looks like the latest VW models
And we are the first dutch reviewers to drive it!
The fact we are the first has everything to do with the engine
This is the 3.6 FSI from the previous CC and the R36
It has 300 BHP, like in those models
It has a great sound. When you hear it coming, it sounds a bit like a R32
But is is kind of old..
But you never notice it, thanks to the smoothness
When you search for competitors, you'll take a look at other VAG models
Like to A5 sportback 3.0 TFSI and the S5
And than you can see it is right in between those two models
The A5 has 272 BHP, which is 30 less..
That one starts at 60k
And the S5 has 333 BHP, which is 33 more. And it costs 77k
So you can conclude that VAG really pinpoint their poweroutputs so they don't compete with eachother
And that's what bothers me
The looks have been changed
It has the new VW nose
The lines of the car have been tightened
But I think the previous CC was better looking, and a bit more exiting.
It also was more different to other VW's
This model has VW "AdRenaline" stickers
With VW "R" logo's
Lets put them to the test!
This press model has got tons of options
they cost 10k
like an adjustable suspension
which has three settings: comfort, normal and sport
The system really doesn't make that much difference
In comfort it is very comfortable
but it bounces at short bumps
In Sport it is pretty tight, but not what you'd call sporty
The power steering gets heavier
But it is just too heavy. When there's a fast corner you really have to pull it
That's not nice..
It's starting to sound like I don't like this car
But that's not the case
I only think it should have been more different to the previous CC
I just expected more..
But eventually you get a very good car with a brilliant 300 BHP V6 for 72k
Which is nice and introvert
I think this is the perfect car for people who can't be seen in a Golf R