Face Drawing with a Grid : Drawing Facial Mouth Details

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.07.2008

Now we are continuing with a three quarter view. We are going to do a detail of the mouth.
Now the mouth is going to be basically shaped with arcs so we come up here and then the
dip that is right underneath the middle of the nose will be foreshortened on this side.
When we do this what we want to do is draw some guide circles, so some round guide circles
here and here and they are going to match up with three guide circles here. You will
erase these after you draw the lips so they should sort of inter-mesh between the guide
circles. The mouth is going to go around the guide circles.
So where and how large the guide circles are to put on the mouth will be the most important
thing and of course for shading you are going to have the darkest area on the bottom of
the upper lip and you are going to have shading underneath the lower lip where the chin is