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Food Busters
How Industry Adds Iron Particles to Supplement Some Foods
Good source of Iron
Plants were designed
to absorb inorganic nutrients from particles of soil
and convert them into organic nutrients.
Our bodies were designed
to absorb these organic nutrients
from plants to keep us alive and healthy.
Industry discovered it was cheaper
and more convenient to enhance food
by adding inorganic particles straight from soil.
Industry Busted!
How Industry Adds Iron Particles to Supplement Some Baby Foods
Rich in Iron
Most food these days has a lot less
of what we thought we were getting
and a lot more stuff
we had no idea we were getting.
It has been predicted
that this will be the first generation
in over one hundred years
that will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.
Sadly up to one half
of all childhood deaths in the world
each year is linked directly to malnutrition.
Industry Busted!
How Industry Adds Calcium to Fortify Some Foods
Source of Calcium.
Some of the world's biggest industries
have put profits ahead of everything else.
Simply put rocks are cheap!
We are now paying the price
for their greed but worse yet
they've done it so quitely
that we didn't even know it was happening!
This food is now fortified with calcium.
Industry Busted!
How Industry Adds Synthetic Vitamnins and Minerals to Supplements and Foods
95 percent of all vitamins and minerals
are made in chemical plants
utilising fossil fuel derivatives
from sources like coal tar, petroleum products and rocks.
Industry created synthetic forms of
vitamins and minerals
to put back in to our diets
what they had taken out
and they called them natural.
When you bake them they, well, change.
Some of the most dangerous places for your health
has become your local grocery and suppliment store.
Synthetic Supplements
Industry Busted!
It's undeniable that nutrition works best
when it comes from nature.
Provide your body
with the nutrition it needs
in the way it was designed to receive it.