The sporting artist - Micheline Ostermeyer - London 1948 Olympic Games

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The first Olympic championship to be decided was the women's discus throw.
The discus weighs just over two pounds and the world record throw is one hundred and
fifty eight feet six inches.
Here's Aberg of Sweden.
Ostermeyer is France's main hope.
Gentile of Italy looks worried.
Another United State's thrower, Dodson.
Calvesi of Italy.
Mazeas, another French girl, with a mighty throw.
And here's Cordiale-Gentile of Italy, the favourite.
The best throw yet.
But again it's Ostermeyer of France in front, with a throw of 137 feet 6 and a half inches.
And there's the winning throw.
And France has achieved new Olympic honours.
A kiss from a team mate and then the traditional salute for Gentile of Italy who finished second.
Now the women competitors, from eight countries, are ready to take part in putting the shot.
Representing Czechoslovakia Komarkova.
Forty feet must be reached in order to compete in the final.
Ostermeyer of France. The 1948 Olympic champion in the discus.
She qualifies.
Bevis Reed of Great Britain.
Another throw which made the qualifying round.
Again it's Ostermeyer of France.
Her final throw.
And it's 45 feet, one and a half inches.
The winning throw.