Pocong Rumah Angker (2010) (English Sub) - Full Movie

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This place is so eerie. But it's good for news coverage.
Got any guts?
What about you, Dit?
A bit afraid actually... But we're here already. Let's go!.
Hey, Caucasian! Frizzy!. Come here!
What is it, Zack?
- What is it? - Here! I saw it! I saw it!
- What did you see? - I saw it!
You serious?
Hurry, Caucasian! Hurry!.
What did you see actually, pal? Huh?
What was that, Zack?
I didn't see anything.
Zack, what did you actually see back there?
Turns out what Johana said about the haunted house is real indeed.
I saw a Jaipong dancer. She was dancing.
But she has a pretty face, you know?
How come there's a Jaipong dancer in a haunted house like that?
Yeah. How come?
Believe it or not. But there was!
I have a bad feeling. Let's pull out, shall we?
What's wrong with you?
I don't know. I have a headache.
Easy, bro. I have the medicine, inside.
- Will you give me some? - Yeah, yeah.
What's wrong with you?
I have a very strange dream, pal.
Stranger than your face?
I'm serious.
I dreamed that I got acquainted with that very sexy Jaipong dancer.
Then she asked me to make love to her.
But when I was about to do it...
Suddenly she turned into a shroud ghost.
So you don't make love to her then?
Is that a serious question?
Do I need to answer that?
Do you think I like to have a romantic time with a shroud ghost?
But what puzzled me is how can I get that kind of dream?
In my opinion,
The image of yesterday's Jaipong dancer is still on your mind.
It could be. It makes sense.
I can't help it. That Jaipong dancer is...
... so damn beautiful, you know?
Damn, man. What a babe!
I'm sure if you two have seen her....
...you'll get down on your knees!.
She gets 4 1/2 out of 5 stars from me!.
You're enjoying putting your hand inside your pants like that?
Let me borrow your dream for tonight, okay?
I want to make out with Jaipong dancer.
But without shroud ghost involved.
I'm not kidding, Pung!
This is a supernatural thing, Pung! Not to be taken lightly!.
If something happens don't expect me to help you!
It's shroud ghost. Not some Ancol clown.
How can I take a pee if this little Dicky here keeps on waking up?
Shit, I've gotta pee real bad.
Perhaps I should snap my fingers at it.
Sorry, little Dicky.
You fight back?
Still fight back?
Another way.
Perhaps I should dive.
Pung, what's the brand name of the aspirin you gave me last night?
That's like the best qualified aspirin in the world, man.
Hey, I'm not asking about the quality.
I know all of aspirin brand names.
My relative has a medicine shop. Come on, let me see the wrapper.
Let him see it, Pung. So completed genitals problem.
You can't speak clearly yet anyway.
What's wrong?
Get over here. Pung, this is not an aspirin!
This is a Viagra, Pung!
No wonder my little Dicky keeps waking up and can't sleep!.
Really? Is that the truth?
Of course it's the truth, dumb ass.
Don't scratch your head like that!
You've got to make my Dicky normal again no matter what, I don't care!
I have to go to campus!
I don't want everybody thinks...
...I'm a terrorist because I keep pointing a gun, Pung!
Sorry, pal. My bad. I better take a bath now. Sorry, Zack.
Zuck, zack, zuck, zack. What will you call me next? Shrek?
Hey, Pung! How can I turn off my little Dicky now, Pung?
Zack? Zacky?
Come in, come in.
What's wrong with him?
Don't come near me.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I've come here to see you, and you turn your back on me instead?
Friends, I'm sorry.
Let's just talk like this for now, okay?
Face to back.
Still early in the morning but your brain is out of its place already.
Something is out of its place indeed.
Don't touch.
Or I'll be way out of place!
What the hell is wrong with you?
We have a news coverage today, okay?
Bring your camera.
Here! Where?
Haunted house. Details later. We'll go there.
Don't touch! Or I'll be crazy!
You two go first. Go first.
Make it quick.
I said don't touch, but she still touch me.
What if I do crazy thing on her? It could ruin our friendship.
Zack, what is wrong with you?
I remember when I was in High School, I was a break dancer.
What's wrong?
Break dance. Come on, let's go! Or we'll be late!
You'll walk like that?
No. Come on.
I'll follow the lecture first.
After that, we're going to the haunted house, okay?
I thought we go directly to the haunted house.
But never mind, it's okay.
What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you so restless?
Is it because you're near Johana so you're excited?
Indeed! I'm excited above and below.
You nuts!
I am nuts. My below is nuts.
My nuts.
What's wrong with you?
Stop. My nuts.
Your nuts?
Hey, it's bowing down.
Frizzy, this is the first time you are useful in my life.
Let's action.
Hi, Deb.
Let's go out tonight, shall we?
I'm busy.
What about this afternoon?
Follow lecture.
Tomorrow then?
Not wake up yet.
So when can I take you out?
Whenever you can. Up to you.
Then what about tomorrow afternoon?
At the evening then.
Have to study.
Deb, I like you.
Me too.
You serious?
I like to throw up when I see you.
Can you change your destination not to go to that haunted house?
You are a reporter. You have to be ready to get assigned anywhere.
Yes, I know, but our news coverage is for online news only, right?
I don't care if it is for online or not. Why are you so spoiled?
I'm not spoiled, but you are girls.
If anything happens, who will be responsible?
You're actually scared, aren't you?
I'm not scared at all.
What's the matter?
I hate Ipung.
I told him I didn't have a crush on him!
But he's still after me! Zack, tell your friend, will you?
Deb, for your information, everyday before we go to sleep,
I always tell him.
But that Caucasian always answers the same thing,
"Debby is the most beautiful girl in the world."
I'm getting tired of hearing that, you know?
You jerk!
Why don't you just be his girlfriend? For charity.
No way! Not in million years!
If Debby is the most beautiful girl in the world,
You seem to be the blackest boy in the world. Come on, Deb.
Like it.
Come on, Deb.
I just remember.
I have an assignment that needs to be collected tomorrow.
You're having amnesia all of a sudden?
What a rare occasion! You're a diligent student now?
Watch what you're saying!
You've already known me not for just one or two days, haven't you?
You both know that I'm a model student, don't you?
Yeah, right, a model student whose attendance roll...
Is often signed by others, always copies others student's notebook.
Tell others to do assignments.
You prick!
Well, a model student of his version.
Oh, so you two are mocking me, huh?
Listen to me.
You said that I've already known you not for just one or two days,
So I know that you're not about to do some assignment,
But you're actually scared, aren't you?
Yeah, right. I heard that chicken boys have small penis!
Oh, really? It's so small that you need a star telescope to see it.
Okay, okay. Now you're bringing up penis.
I'm gonna prove it to you that I have big guts!
Plus big penis.
Guys, this house often used as...
...a dumping place of bodies of murder's victim.
So it's kind of spooky.
You serious?
Are you running out of places for coverage?
It's okay to play with fire. But you have to keep it small.
Hey! You're daydreaming!
You could get struck by lightning.
- Zacky, let go of me! - No way!.
- Let go of me! - No way!
Let go! You really are too much!
You want take advantage of me!
What the hell are you doing? Put it away, put it away!.
What the hell are you doing?
You open an umbrella inside the house!
So what?
Don't you know it?
Old people say that if you open an umbrella inside this kind of house,
This haunted house, you're inviting ghosts!
You are the ghost. So you believe that kind of superstition?
It's up to you. I've told you already, that's it.
It's true, Jo. I've also heard that kind of thing.
And you believe this black dummy?
It might happen, yes! Right?
What? Black dummy?
Mark my words, if one day you want me to be your boyfriend,
I'll reject you right away!
What? Want you to be my boyfriend? Not in a million years!
I'll never be in love with you, black boy!
You better hold on to what you're saying.
Oh, I will. I'll never love you.
Oh, you're on her side?
Of course I am!
You will also fall in love with me.
- In your dream! - You're overconfident!
We'll see!
Sure, go see it for yourself! Hey, where are you going?
Not your business! Don't look for me!
Go away!. Who will look for you anyway? Beat it.
Jo? Debby? Where have you been?
We have an online coverage.
Somebody's been looking for you two.
Who is it?
Didn't you meet her? I told her to wait at the porch.
No, we didn't. Who is it anyway?
She said that both of you have known her already.
What's her name?
I think it's your friend. I have no friend named Lilis.
I don't know her.
You've met her, at the coverage...
In the old house on Merdeka Street.
We did have a coverage there. But I think we haven't met anyone.
She even said that you happened to catch her on camera.
Just check it again. I'm going to the kitchen.
Who the hell is she?
Let's talk about it in our room, okay?
Jo, I think what Zacky said is true.
About what?
About that thing!
How come that unimportant and trivial thing...
...leads to something serious?
Well, it could be, right?
It's just a superstition, you know?
You can't believe in something with doubtful reality.
Just like if you believe when your car hit a cat until it dies,
You'll have a bad luck for the rest of your life.
But it makes a different if you bury the cat properly.
If Zacky believes I invite mysterious things....
...just because I opened umbrella inside the haunted house, it's up to him.
For me it's nonsense.
Have you seen that?
- Have you seen that? - See what?
Pung! Don't get sneaky on me, Pung!
Sneaky boy.
He's getting too much and too much every time.
Crazy Caucasian.
It's ticklish, it's ticklish. I can take this kind of prank.
Do it again, do it again. Again.
Oww. Yes, yes! It's rude!
Pung. It's not funny, okay, Pung?
I'm serious, Pung.
I know you're Caucasian. I'm not Caucasian.
Pung. Where do you hide anyway?
Come here.
What is it?
Come here. I'm telling you something!
Come here!
You what?
No... not human!
What is it?
Come here.
Wait a sec, okay?
What is it with you?
What are you doing?
Here, let me whisper it!
Watch out, don't kiss me!
Not a chance!
What is it?
That woman...
Your hair is poking me...
So... what is she?
Not human!
You think she's a ghost? Kuntilanak?
You think that pretty girl is a shroud ghost? Are you nuts?
This is Satan! This is not human!
I told you!
This is Satan!
Lord have mercy!
Lis, my friend here. It's ridiculous.
He thinks that you're not human? No offense, okay?
It's all right, mas (elder brother).
Sorry if my arrival here is causing problems.
Zack, this is Lilis. She's been looking for his uncle in Jakarta.
She can't find his address. She's alone and it's late already.
So I have to let her in. No problem, right?
Where did you meet her?
In front of the house.
She's looking for an address.
Then you let her in?
Then you told her to stay the night?
What's wrong with you?
Po, po, po, po...
Come on. I'll show you your room, okay?
- Seriously... - Come on.
Excuse me, mas.
Seriously, Pung!
Two times, three times, four times, five times serious...
Oh, no... You ask Satan to stay the night.
- Thank you, mas. - Sure, sure.
Have I troubled you?
No. And don't call me "mas". Do I Iook like a meatball seller?
No, of course. Just call me Ipung.
If you're hungry, just tell me, okay?
I'll buy some pizza.
If you want to take a bath, I can escort you.
Is the bathroom far from here?
No. But it's your first time here, right?
You could get lost in this house.
Oh. Yes. Thanks.
Okay. If you want...
Mas? I want to change clothes.
- May I? - Oh sure, sure. Please.
Mas, I want to change clothes.
Oh yeah, yeah. Sorry, sorry.
Pung, Pung! Pung.
Now what, Zack?
- That woman... - Enough, enough.
I don't wanna hear it.
Pung. But I saw her too inside the haunted house!
You think she's a ghost?
Her feet stick to the floor, her hand is warm.
She has a sexy body, her face is not pale.
There must be something wrong with your brain.
Okay. I can prove it to you,
That the woman is a kuntilanak and a shroud ghost too!.
You serious?
If you can prove that the woman is a Satan,
I'm ready to wash your underwear for 30 days.
Are you serious?
I'm serious.
Keep your promise.
Dead serious.
We got a deal.
You're nuts.
The time has come for me to see Caucasian washes underwear.
Caucasian, Caucasian!
Wake up, wake up!. Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up!
What the hell, man? You're disturbing my sleep!
What I said? What I said? She's a ghost, man!
Ghas, ghos, ghas, ghos, you're making this up!.
Making this up? That woman is indeed a Satan!
So she's a Satan woman! You wanna keep a Satan woman?
I'm even thinking about making her my girlfriend, you know.
What did you say? You crazy. You sick crazy. You sick...
You have crazy disease? Huh?
Even a crazy man, insane man, doesn't want a Satan to be his girlfriend!
If you want her than you are more insane than a crazy man!
Whatever! Stupid, man!. You're stupid! I'm going to sleep now!
Stupad, stupid, stupad, stupid.
You have no shroud ghost in your country!.
Just vampires!. And it doesn't look scary!
Hi, girl. Who are you?
I'm Lilis. I happen to stay the night here.
- May I wash my hands? - Sure, sure, sure.
- Excuse me. Thanks. - Okay.
Monkey! Oww!. What the hell are you doing?
- Don't touch! - She turns into shroud ghost!
It's scary, dummy, it's scary!.
Look out!
- What're you doing? - Hey, it's noisy!
What're you doing here? No more space here!
- I'm frightened, Zack! - Your hair is poking into my eyes!
- Hey, Caucasian. - What's the matter with you?
Where is that Satan woman?
You mean Lilis? She just left.
Why are you laughing?
You're still persistent, aren't you? Zack, I've got her address.
If I can have Debby, village girl is okay.
I'm leaving now.
It's oka, it's okay, it's oka, it's okay...
I'm leaving now.
Be polite if you say hi to somebody.
I'll die young for God's sake.
Zack, I'm being terrorized by kuntilanak since last night.
Then... then in the living room it terrorizes me again, Zack.
See? See? I told you.
It's all because of you. You've opened an umbrella inside the house.
And the house is haunted. You're crazy!
Wait, wait, wait.
I have a bad feeling now.
The hair on nape of my neck is standing up.
From the tip of my toe... to the tip of my nuts.
I think that shroud ghost is coming again.
Zacky, it's kuntilanak, not shroud ghost!
I can't take it any longer. I've gotta go, okay?
Zacky? Zack? Hello?
Don't disturb me.
It's cold.
Oh, no.
Why is it always me?
Have I done something wrong?
It's stressful, you know?
It's cough.
I wanna buy some cough medicine now.
Have mercy.
God have mercy...
I'm going to the library, okay?
- Okay. - I'm leaving now, okay?
Lilis, what are you doing here?
I miss you.
How do you know that I study here?
You told me yesterday when we talked...
....that you studied here, didn't you?
I did?
You seem to forget it.
Have you already posted in the yesterday's news?
Not yet. I can't concentrate.
How can I concentrate if I'm terrorized by Satan constantly everyday?
Zack, me and Debby are too.
See? It's all because of...
Because of what? An umbrella?
You know the answer.
Think rationally, will you?
We're in Twitter and Facebook era now.
But you still believe in superstition?
Hey, what for, Satan doesn't care about Facebook and Twitter.
You want to sign it in to be Twitter shroud ghost?
You stubborn girl!
Hey!. You're getting naughty now, aren't you?
You're peeping, Caucasian?
Caucasian, Caucasian. At least I'm not black, man.
I'm waiting for Lilis. She's taking a pee.
What an ambiguous Satan. My God, Caucasian. She...
See? I'm bored to hear it, man. I'm sick of it.
You're saying the same thing since yesterday.
Lilis is Satan, Satan is Lilis.
I'm sick to hear that!
Are you blind? You blind you!
You're blind, aren't you?
I know you're frustrated to get rejected by Debby!
But don't take some kuntilanak as your girlfriend!
Blind, blind, blind, blind.
You better don't speak English, black boy.
I'm bored to hear it. My brain gets cramped, you know?
Your brain gets cramped? Your nuts will also have cramps in a moment!.
Ana, there's someone else besides you, right?
Where is she?
Who? I'm all alone.
I swear, man. I saw Lilis went inside.
- One moment, let me check it out. - Go ahead.
What I said, what I said, what I said!
She's a ghost, she's a ghost, she's a ghost.
Ah, shroud ghost!
Ah, shroud ghost!
Good for you! You know now, huh?
Now is the time you wash my underwear for 30 days!
I have no business with you, ghost. My business is with Caucasian.
Enough, ghost, I have asthma!
What lecture do I have today?
Sign the attendance list for me, okay?
My knees suddenly get weak.
I don't care, okay?
Tonight you have to be security guards in this house, period!
Well, at least we must be served better.
Somebody will make us some coffee in the morning at least.
You wish! If you want to have something, make it yourself!
You think I'm some kind of slave?
Hi, girl. Nothing for free! It's Jakarta.
You have to pay even just to take a pee.
Fine, if you don't want it, object, we're pulling out.
Come on. Frizzy, Caucasian, come on.
- Where are you going? - Pulling out.
I'm staying here.
Even though just for one night. I want to accompany Debby.
Pung, you better keep your intention inside for a while.
So much for a solid team.
Why are you pounding on the table?
Proud of your hair? Put that grin away.
You hear that?
You hear that?
Sounds like kuntilanak.
I'm outta here.
Crazy, crazy.
I was wondering...
Same here. I was wondering too.
Why are you wondering?
I was wondering to see you wondering.
Are you wondering? Then I was wondering.
Why aren't you fluent yet in speaking Indonesian until now?
I'm serious, bro. Is it true that Lilis is a Satan?
I can't get rid of that shroud ghost's reflection back at the campus toilet.
Well that's the fact.
But in my opinion, Lilis is a high tech Satan, you know?
She can turn into kuntilanak, into shroud ghost, into kantong wewe.
I bet she'll turn into Incredible Hulk soon.
And I think she can turn into vegetable steamed rice too.
Hey, hey, hey!
- I'm scared! I'm scared! - What is it?
Scared? You don't deserve to be scared!
We are the ones who are scared to see your face. You have no face!
What the hell are you doing? Where's my coffee?
Zack, there's a Satan in the kitchen.
I swear.
I'm serious!
This is ridiculous. See? I told you.
It must be because Johana opened the umbrella in the haunted house.
We're dead.
Why doesn't she open her shirt?
Hey, hey, hey! I'm first!
I can't hold it anymore. Don't you see my cold sweat trickles already?
But I get here first!
You want me to dump shit here?
Nice, isn't it? Then you have to let me in first.
- No, no, no, no. - Hurry.
Hurry!. You're so resentful!
What's up, Johana baby?
Aren't you...? Aren't you...?
What a chick. Acting coyly.
She turns me on.
Deb. Wake up. Debby, wake up! Shit!
- What is it, Jo? - Wake up.
I'm still sleepy.
I'm still sleepy. Oww! What the hell are you doing?
This is you, right?
Of course it's me! Who else anyway?
Oh, no! Deb, Deb, I saw...
I saw two Zackies in the bathroom!
You've gotta be kidding!
It's true, I'm serious!
What are you riding to get here? You made it here, huh?
Hallucination. Don't believe your mind!
This is hallucination, don't believe your mind!
What have you become?
Your hair is tousled.
Don't you feel itchy?
Here. Wash your hair, will you? There's a shampoo. It's free.
What are you doing?
Aren't you tired? Standing there all the time?
You... Are you a Satan or human? Satan or human?
Are you a Satan or human? Satan. Satan or human?
Your face is scarier than Satan!
What's all the fuss? It's still early in the morning!
This train is so empty. It's scary too.
Yeah, it's better, man. More empty seats.
You've got a point.
What's the matter with you?
I've nothing to do with it.
I think we have to come to that haunted house again, to apologize.
I agree.
You do that. I don't want to.
Me neither.
It's all your fault. It's your idea to come to the haunted house.
The place where the ghosts hang out. You two go there.
I'll just wait for your report.
Okay, Debby. Let's leave this small penis black boy.
This is for you.
Zack, has Johana ever seen your penis?
You're just talking and talking! You better do something with your hair!
It looks like an erected feather duster, you know?
Sorry. I'm sorry? Sorry, don't disturb us again.
Really sorry, really sorry. Sorry.
Sorry, don't disturb me again, okay? Sorry.
Elder... All occupants in this house...
Sorry, so sorry about yesterday.
Also sorry about the umbrella yesterday.
Please. Please.
Your apology will be all in vain.
One of the spirits which wants to haunt you will be gone,
If you can find again something which belongs to her that is missing.
One of the spirits gone? What do you mean?
Both of them were fellow Jaipong dancers.
They were killed by the same man.
Do you know who the killer is?
He's the one who wanted to have them both because of his sick mind!
Who are you?
Debby, over here!
Here, here!
Wash them well. Don't let them torn.
They're expensive.
You buy these underwear just a thousand for 3 pieces...
...but you're so cocky.
It's comfortable to wear, pal. Cool as if they have Air Conditioner.
So my crotch is free from prickly heat.
Damn! Is he gay or what?
What's wrong with you?
Let's just go home to our village, okay?
I really don't understand what that old man...
... that old man was saying.
I'm getting really stressed.
Not just shroud ghost, kuntilanak is also coming to our house.
Who knows what other ghost will come next?
Miss Inah will be home no sooner than next week.
Can we not talk about that? Talk about something else, okay?
Listen. If we don't talk about this,
This will lead to never ending problems, you know?
I'm stressed, dizzy.
What are you doing? Crazy.
It is crazy. I'm pouring salt.
Damn. You're out of your mind, throwing away salt just like that.
Salt is used for cooking, in the kitchen.
Hey, I know there's no such thing in your country.
But here, salt is believed to be able to protect us from mysterious things,
Mysterious creatures, including shroud ghost.
You're delirious. He's delirious, isn't he?
I just know that ghosts don't like salty things.
Indeed! Present ghosts are pretty. Right?
Because they like to eat chocolate.
Here. Protects you from insanity.
I become insane, talking to an insane man like you.
Let's continue. Why this coffee is only half left? You drink it?
I have no idea, man!
It's hot here.
I feel sick of seeing your hair.
What? Get in, get in.
I want to iron your hair.
Can you just not think about your stomach?
All of us are either stressed or upset,
Why can't you at least help or come up with something?
That's the problem, I think too long so I'm hungry now.
Eat that!
What are you thinking anyway?
Wait a minute, wait a minute, now I just remember.
Hey, Caucasian. Don't ever you touch my head!
My head has been purified, you know?
Reflex, man, reflex.
Reflux, reflex, reflux, reflex.
What do you remember?
I just remember that I know the Satan's address, Lilis's address.
The Satan that stayed in our house?
You're delirious. How come the Satan stayed in our house?
See? You two don't believe,
If the Satan has been to stay in our house, do you?
This Caucasian is the only one...
...who can't see the difference between ghost and human.
He even denied it.
Very well then, what if we...
We go check the address right now?
Who knows what information we can get from there?
Sounds good.
Checking Satan's address?
Of course! Who else? Your father's?
Is this really the house, Zack?
This is the house.
You sure?
I'm sure.
Come on.
- Afternoon, ma'am. - Afternoon.
Lilis has indeed died two months ago.
Her body was found buried in the empty house.
All her life, she was a dancer.
She was killed by her fan.
Let go of me! Let go of me!
And Lilis's friend, Salma, a fellow Jaipong dancer,
Was raped and murdered by a different man.
Just be patient...
...if my daughter often disturbs your peaceful life.
Especially you.
Why me, ma'am?
Because your face resembles the killer of my daughter, Lilis.
God have mercy.
Ma'am, we're sorry if our arrival makes you sad.
We just want some information.
On the seventh day of her death,
Lilis came to me in my dream.
And she asked about the missing golden ring she wore in her ring finger.
Golden ring?
Deb, Deb. Deb, you remember when we came to the haunted house,
There was a mysterious old man? And he said that the occupant...
The occupant of that haunted house can only be peaceful...
...if the thing that was once stuck to her body is found already.
Let's get down, okay?
Come on.
You sure you want to apologize here?
Uncle, have mercy, uncle. I'm sorry. Come on.
Don't pull me!
- What's wrong with you? - You look like a insane girl.
Have mercy, old man, I'm sorry.
We better split up to find it.
I agree.
Come on.
Hey! I got it.
Jo. You smell something rancid?
Don't be kidding.
This is a rancid smell indeed.
Hurry, Zack, hurry!