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production funding for the cities is provided by a grant from the doris
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expanding in honor to more veterans america's war
and all the businesses to high standards in the cities
for the past few years world war two veterans in the quad city area made a
pilgrimage to sites they might otherwise not seen
and that would be ashamed because the sites are monuments honoring their
the honor flight of the quad cities has repeatedly taken veterans of the war
memorials in washington d_c_
another flight takes off next week then after that
the honor flight
changes its focus somewhat
just talk about this tonight is bob director of the out-of-wedlock what
cities bob morrison
and the president the korean war veteran's association the quad cities
bob morrison gentlemen thank you so much for joining us
mister morrison that's how we'll try to differentiate between the two guys
about let's talk about the honor flight this is something that are on
that long but
everyone knows about it now
it started slow because we thought it was just going to handle a few
world war two veterans that we had uh... uh... ridgecrest village
we had forty some veterans
and when one of the came to me to ask his honor flight really credible
i called the home office are loaded up on the internet
find out there in springfield ohio
talk to the founder earl morris who had just taken four hundred veterans that
weekend to washington
so i said we've got forty some veterans that want to go well sign them up
and i said well i was a waiting list all about nine thousand
well that folks are in their eighties and nineties it that way for three or
four years ago
so he said will start your own hub
and that's what we did in the honor flight of the quad cities formed a non-profit
our board are all volunteer people
and with that well we'll get to
maybe three flights out
and as you know we've already been seventeen eighteen flight is coming up
and next week and how many veterans have been able to go to washington d_c_
because of this
almost seventeen hundred
what veterans and and not exclusively but mostly world war two mostly world
war two i would be if someone is terminally ill we don't care what were
we don't care what war they were in
we will take them
as a priority now we're seeing seventeen hundred it's gotta be from a larger area
than just the metropolitan quad cities that you were here we go out about seventy to
eighty miles uh... around quad cities
and now the big change that you're going to be doing is
percentage of run out of world war two veterans
but you also want honor the korean vets have absolutely not more right out of
world war two veterans there are still veterans out there
that for one reason or another they don't think they deserve to go of the
word about medical claims
some of them are in wheel chair some on oxygen
and they don't realize that we have everything covered
uh... more than a half the people we take are in wheelchairs three or four are on oxygen
every flight
so they'd if they attack to someone who's already gotten they're gonna wanna
sign up and go
having said that we do want to honor our korean war era vets
whether they served in korea or anywhere in the country during that time period
there were significant force for our country
and we want our them to get them out to washington to
and let's talk about fits about that i mean you have uh... quite a story career
yourself as far as being in the korean conflict
the korean war
not just a police action i will underline that for you and so that you
don't underline it for me uh... but also you helped formed the quad city korean
war veterans chapter you become president
yes president of the national chapter
state chapter
the state chapter and and and now perhaps returning it as as president
local chapter
that tell me about the korean veterans do you still feel like you're the
forgeting guys
head start getting better
to begin with like when i came home
uh... uniform up and going there for almost fifty years
not literally but uh... winner had nothing no argument
police action they called in
our wire we didn't win our war
sort of such part of it
and and you've seen the honor flight taking off like we were saying seventeen
flights so far
something in the back of your mind said hold on a second
i've got allotted gentlemen in my era
they needed on this one as well so how did this all work out
very very well there are all excited about going
and uh...
letter feel that this is a significant
privilege for them and plus an honor to be able to uh... somebody helping him do
and taken into the special place which is our memorial in washington d_c_ in
the world war two and the other monuments there
but uh... that's a very significant
so when i walked up on the first time few years ago
couldn't get over it
i dot specifically the korean war memorial let let's talk about of the
fact that
but you know will have our flight
dedicated do the korean war veterans to go up as an honor flight it's not this
next week it'll be next month where he and of may how tough was it to fill that
there waiting for your phone calls
we have about twenty years ago wednesday morning for breakfast layers all chat
room this morning i got my phone call we got your phone call so now they're all
excited yeah
so bob let me talk you talking about that in particular it seems like there
is no
lack of enthusiasm right now
four for this flight for for them for the veterans who are at about
or pardon sailors
that are getting older and art be able to get there on their own
yes they are younger than we were to that but
they are so enthusiastic we're getting calls every day
we have
over four hundred applications bob and all of the things are
may twenty second from the plane the plane only holds hundred and sixty two bob
to wait till the fall
what's going on on the one in september another on in november
so tell me the story
invent this must be the most
heart-wrenching part of all
of some of these people that do for these planes
just the anticipation of getting their let along the on the stories when they come
back but those that are getting their you must've heard amazing stories jim
it's hard
for me to talk about what i'm getting emotional
uh... some of the
promised god that if they got out of the war alive
they would never get on an airplane again
and they didn't until honor flight
and they chose to go on the honor flight
we've had other vets who
had never spoken about the war since they left
not to the families not to their loved ones how could you are i relate to what
they went through there's no way
but when we get it out airplane full of comrades that they served with
it all opens up again and it's a release and they get to talk about it
when you're talking guys who are in their seventies eighties i'm sure some in the
nineties as well we have one going this over a hundred
this next flight
and these guys have bottle this up for quite some time is just a
it's got a two gonna be amazing uh... journey for them
and not just a fiscal journey
i'll give you a quick story after world war two memorial
uh... that was in a wheelchair
his guardian
saw some school kids walking by so he said really loud how long were you a
p_o_w_ again
there in the war
and all the kids just stopped
course about looked at it he said well i just told you i was there to for two
months i just told you a few minutes ago
and uh... the kids on the other and start asking questions and
pretty soon he says he says well i've got to get this veteran back to the bus
worked out late here
uh... would you mind if we're going to go on the kids that we don't mind at all
but would you mind
if we gather around him and say a prayer for him
and so he's said sure go right ahead and they did
gave him a hug and they went back to the bus and he told them that are i'm sorry
if i put you know i propose ish in there
veteran grabbed him by the collar
that's the reason i fought that war so that those kids could do what they just
did now
and hear these stories from more than one person beginning it was special
moment that was
but everyone has
it's not that much of a public special moment certainly private ones
there's a lot
sometimes uh...
people that they didn't expect that they were in the war with show up
and and as a world of relatives do that too
course we have uh... political figures have joined us too
the big thing though is just to see how much are community really does
what they did in their service to our country
and that happens and uh...
in washington
it also happens here at the quad cities
and when we come in at ten o'clock at night we encourage everybody to come out
everybody gets free parking passes the airport bends over backwards for
everybody on this
and it's definitely worth the time to come out and see them and welcome back
to america what i call it bob and i know that uh... you you just getting
started on this journey of getting the korean war vets
to these memorials
do you think that's also going to make some of these uh... korean veterans
who have
pretty much clammed up
didn't really want to be a part of it because of some of the reason that you
sent they may open the doors for a for people to accept that they had
yes and i think like
bob said that
you'd they don't talk about it
when i became what the at the second presidential rule most of the first
are going to stand up for christmas time untill where they were what happened in
i don't talk about it i don't tell my family
so we start this breakfast
has been going on for about nine years now and on wednesday morning
we'll have a picture
up to twenty guys are even more
and uh...
you're here
as usual you can explain more
there's no way explain war unless your there
and you can talk about it unless somebody's been there but now
the healing
and then letting go
and the guys
be there at six o clock
there they something at 6 o clock and you don't have to remember
into another their weekend week out than the stories that go on a lot of funny
thing was a lot of serious things
and some of your clear something and all that reminds them
food showers
and how difficult it was a cold weather i'm sure the drop anything that is
really good memories are ready to food uh...
you got a shower
ever uh...
maybe six weeks if you were lucky
but not only is it a great moment resume for the better but also for the family
um... that in some ways as sharing this
and and finding a perhaps
apart of grampa or dad that they were really never experienced that's right
and they
that is that uh...
carrying live seven now
thinkin when somebody
like we go in the schools as a tell america program talking about the korean
war were took four five guys make other personal experiences
because they have shared that in this group with one another and they know
the other guys were there were some
at the school
share getting wounded
hitting new didn't and uh... everything utter is fifty or
sixty years
you're walking with people
margot you know
uh... deep deep
experience and your sometimes and it seems to be here get emotional i do
well you any buried deep inside which shall now we know isn't good for
you but
back then was very typiclay
bob you gotta be so happy with like you said how the community has rallied and
uh... i know hy vee giving you
uh... a large checked up just a few days over fifty thousand dollars
up what are you looking for has far organization is concerned is there more
support that's needed
the biggest support we are asking for is
people to identify world war two veterans
and also korean veterans
who have not yet gone
and just have been thought that application they can always turn it down
we will not accept money from them
uh... we want to
show them how much are community supported appreciates them
but they have to fill out the applications delhi application is there
an eligibility do you do do you have to meets certain financial requirements are
there are there certain issues that have to be met
if they served in the uh... the uh... as an american soldier
during that time frames the were looking at
that's only qualification they have to have
and bob how hard is that to find those people
if not that's not our they mean re
still got guys coming in and have meant no part of our organization for years
their coffins and or some of the family of soul i don't know there's an
organization like that and uh... and uh...
adding to that uh...
we're going to have the display of hy vee store out in milan
this next starting monday you'd be the jeep in trailer lol equipment availabe
on display in the hy vee store in milan they won on honor
flight recorder inventor and ask us to bring the people
and so if they want to come in and we will of the guys will be out there are
different pulp most all the time
so everyone up
applications for of their honor flight
our application to be part of the quad city korean veterans organization
chapter one sixty eight
it would be glad to share with them
and uh... popular you know an otherwise bob how did how do they contacted you
how to how do they say if if you're a uh... grandson our granddaughter or or
or a spouse and now you say
while i really think
that my service member
should get involved but everything is based at our ridgecrest village in
davenport that's a retirement
village of about four hundred people
and the receptionist their by secretary uh... we have lots of applications and
information but if they call ridgecrest at five six three
three eight eight
three two seven one
or check on the other flight website at honor flight q_c_ that org that's a large
e mad on you know a large headed towards it and it uh... if you see a group of
course is quad cities
but uh... we could answer a quick any other questions the main thing is to get
that application filled out
as we're coming up to memorial day we witches is seats in the mind and bobby
wants to say something real quick
i want to say that
the korean people have been so gracious les will fly us
to korea have put you up for a week they're all expenses paid
attempt to have and spend
they given as to uh... this metal now
is the peace and masterpiece met latest melody that started in june
and they're giving ever korean veteran is if your koren veteran
the key is to reach out right now and we should reach out as well and and
i gotta cut job i apologize but you can contact the uh...
he looked up on the web sites to get all the information and we really
hope that you do that because it is the greatest generation
no matter which generation bob bob thank you so much for joining us thank you jim
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the westbrook singers
the westbrook singers
we are heading into the end of the april in the middle of spring
there are plenty of events to do outside and inside throughout the cities
laora adams has highlights of some great ideas for you and your family once you
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lora adams
what else is on tap in the quad city area joined the local pianoist for at the
annual celebration begins them the chance to showcase their talents at
north park mall while raising money for the iowa city ronald mcdonald house and
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whose name in annual car show is fine for the entire family each month
come and take a look at automobiles from the nineteen twenties to newer models and
the thirty first annual quad cities holocaust remembrance known as yami
shelhah will be held at the tri city jewish center with keynote speaker and
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thanks lora next week the business community will honor some of the
companies around the cities which go above and beyond in what they do
the better business bureau calls it
integrity awards
the bureau says it's part of its mission to promote trust honesty and integrity
in the marketplace
joining us it is pat angeler of the better business bureau in the quad cities
pat's thanks so much for joining us thank you know let's talk about this
this is that going around uh... since nineteen ninety three the integrity of
and is exactly what this described as integrity tell me about it
exactly that uh... in nineteen ninety-three actually our board of
directors for the greater iowa our business fair which includes the
quad city area
i decided that we would have to recognize local businesses for um...
exemplify in the mission of the better business bureau which s he said is to
promote trust honesty and integrity in the marketplace
uh... in two thousand and widely also added the student of integrity awards
uh... and we wanted to recognize high school students for those very same
qualities and what they do in their school activities and also their
community activities so this is really a perfect opportunity for us to really
highlight businesses and those high school students and i want to talk about
the high school students in the second so i think that's fascinating but let's
start with the businesses okay you are a highlighting about uh... one six six or
area businesses in the quad cities area and what sets them apart
and basically what sets them apart is how they go about doing their business
each and every day
uh... the process that they left here they go through it nomination process
which is their first step
to unbecoming recognized and then they have to complete an application form on
that the better business bureau provides
we look at things like add their marketing and advertising strategies
that are they a truthful representation of what it is their service or their
product that they offer we ask the business owner of the business president
actually give us a written statement hide how how they feel about their
company in terms of how they relate to honesty and integrity in the marketplace
out we ask them to give us examples of awards a recognitions they've received
give us information about press releases perhaps that
they've been involved in a community activity we look at their employees issues
an employee recognition what'd they do if an employee makes a mistake
on a handle that particular situation so it's really an opportunity to look at
all aspects of of of business and uh... we take that application for a very
seriously and said today when they completed so when the consumer finds out
that your business has more on the integrity award
what does that signify to the first resume shopping for service
really what that does the sets expect business apart
uh... that they've gone above and beyond the call of duty i guess you would say
that they
they consistently do the right things for the right reasons that they are
always on top of their business practices they are involved in the
community am as well them as well as being a top-notch business whenever we
hear about the better business bureau we always do you think of businesses and or
adults older people but you don't have legislative
the student awards and that same about after kids submitted essays
um... the essay is actually a thousand word essay that we asked the students
to write it's part of their application process there generally nominated to
their schools to the council set at their schools
and then they complete throgh applications as a as well they give us
their school com activities they tell us what they're involved in in the
community if they have a job
but then we actually ask them to write that down somewhere essay to tell us
what ethics and integrity mean to you
and also
give us an example of when you feel your ethics or integrity might have been
and how did you do with that situation
it's it's really a true reflection of who they are as an individual
and when our judges go about making a decision as to a winner
they score that very highly um... the s_a_s_ a large part of that scoring
you really do have kind of us are theory or a philosophy of doing the right thing
for the right reasons
and i like that for the right reason is almost critically as important as much
so uh... again you're doing it
because that's how you
feel about doing business that you're you want to be transparent you want to
have that high integrity you want to be honest with your customers who would be
honest with your place
all of those things are extremely important and doing that consistently is
extremely important as well
most people course no the better business bureau in case they have a
complaint and this is the this is the group that we go to with a letter to
uh... find uh... some uh...
solution to these problems
let me approach in two different ways to some people don't want to approach you
because your funded by businesses and they don't believe that you're going to
give them an honest fair share
and that's true we have funded that we have accreditation fee that we um...
that applies to a business that does become a credited with us
uh... but again we had two sets of is of constituents really we have the consumer
on the one hand and we have are credited businesses on the other
uh... and i and i think we've been in business for over a hundred years and i
think that's one thing that consumers com should not take lightly
uh... we've been out there for a hundred years we were sort of the first ones out
there so to speak up about being able to provide consumers with accurate in
timely information about a business
uh... we also take very seriously our rating system
uh... we're a companies from in a plus all the way down to an F
and in order to be an accredited business with us you have to have at
least of the year about rating
out and that rating is based on sixteen factors that we consider and we're not
rating your business against another business were actually rating your
business against that setup
sixteen factors com
and every business has to go through that so
you can just pay is your money and um... become an accredited business with the
better business bureau you really do have to add here to those standards nine
i remember it's about ten years that i actually use your services as frustrated
as i couldn't get something done uh... i wrote letters to the management of the
company i wrote a letter to you
i think we're the first things that you seem to want to do
was get
the consumer
with the merchant
we always feel that that's the best approach him and and i know from my
perspective when i have people coming to the officer call me on the fellow say
well have you talked to
the business have you have you attempted to resolve this through
just plain ol cut communication let's talk about and see if they have and i
still haven't gotten anywhere certainly the better business bureau is there for
that but
but again i think the best approach is always to get the two parties
communicating talking then
we are there merely as a neutral third party
tell us what that is it sometimes the fact that if you get enough complaints
about a particular merchant or a particular company
what ameen do they go on a watch list that you have were or how does that work
we have we have some businesses it did they did their bit their rating may go
down uh... we have some businesses again that just won't be accredited with us
they have a deer evaporating and so they won't be accredited with the better
business bureau
but that rating will still be there in that rating most of the out there
for consumer to view on our website so uh... and and we have businesses that
unfortunately sometimes we do have to
dea credit you know it's late
is something comes up they haven't been able to resolve complaints so
we we sometimes do you have to revoke accreditations but that doesn't happen
very often
the real fear though is the scams that come in and i know that you must handle
that constantly people are coming into town
trying to make a buck believing people and satisfied as far as their services
are concerned
exactly uh... and and what other things i think that we've seen through the
better business bureau at least last year uh... along we had a hundred and
three million hits too
better business bureu websites where people were actually
looking up companies ahead of time
that's what we're all about we're trying to educate people to do your homework
ahead of time so that you won't have
that's camera be taken advantage by somebody who
who uh... who really doesn't perform this service that
that they have told you that they're going to perform so it's it's a real
simple thing to do to go and look on a website and see if the businesses is
either accredited or has a rating uh... and and again what we're seeing in and
again we think that's a good thing is that more people are doing that
so they're checking it out ahead of time
to avoid
that dispute resolution process later ron let's be honest is there's soul
little demand contact these days
more and more is coming off the computers in the internet
and that's gotta be a future concern for you as well
it has been a huge concern for us there so many status on the internet now
infected seles into the news last night they were talking about the i_r_s_
iris was talking about that
and i have to say that the better business bureau were not immune to that
we ourselves have been scammed and started last november where people were
sent to send it out uh... emails to people indicating that you have a
complaint with the better business bureau your company
has a complaint against them so companies looked at that and i thought
oh my gosh i better see what this is all about
well what they were looking for hoping for is that someone would click on one
of those links that was invented in that email message and then that would take
uh... to our website n
provide them with all sorts of personal information so this scammer can take
advantage of them so we do see that more and more we see him are more all the
time it really is a whole new world but it still comes down to
buyer beware
exactly but again i think there are more resources out there available for buyers
than they used to be
uh... and yet you know we talk about the internet being bad thing in many cases
though you know we all depend on that information
but again it's available out there if you what you said through our web site
you can check out any business you can check out a charity you can find out
what they're better business bureau rating as if they have one
um... that and you can just
you can check out what the complaint history test and how they're going to
resolve complaints so
it is out there in a ability u_s_ well strike that thanks so much for
joining us the terry wars being handed out
next week here in the quad cities thank you and just a reminder that the wqpt
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