TL;DR - Korean vs. North American Beauty Standards

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Carcinophobia from Ohio asks
How does the Korean standard of beauty differ from that of North America
and are there any things that North American do
that South Koreans would find strange, and vice versa.
Ok, I think that North American and Korean beauty standards are totally different,
In the sense that North America doesn't really have A beauty standard,
it kind of, like, changes, depending on the person himself
Yeah, you can like redheads or you can like freckles,
you can like bodybuilders or you can like skinny people,
or you can like girls that are curvy, or girls that just have big butts.
and you cannot lie.
Alright, don't start mister.
and you other brothers can't deny.
When a girl walks in with a little bitty waist and a bundemdubnmendmnedmn
You get sprung, like a baseball bat!
And that's the only part of the song I know.
A simple example: I was teaching my students about face shapes,
a square jaw, or a v-shape, or a diamond, or a heart, round, oval,
and my students would be like "well, teacher. Which one is the ideal face shape?"
and I'm like, well, what do you mean, ideal?
and they're like, "well, what's the one that everyone wants? The best one?"
and I'm like, "well, there isn't a best one"
There is no perfect face.
and they're like "well what celebrity has the best face?"
"which celebrity would be the ideal person that you look up to?"
and I'm like, what? We don't really have an ideal, right?
I didn't think of that, no.
You might like a square jawbone on Brad Pitt,
but you may not like that. You might like a guy who has a round face.
So it seems to us that Korea sticks to one idea of what is ideal,
that they aspire to,
yeah, and they have different points that, like,
if you can do these things, and you can look this way,
then you're kind of like an ideal, beautiful person.
So we noticed some common traits in these perfect faces,
#1, it really has to do with eyes,
so like, big eyes, and double eyelids,
that kind of like, doll-face eye look is really ideal here.
You can have surgery to get it done, you can have your eyes widened,
you can have the double eyelids done as well,
but we don't want to go into surgery in this video,
it's a totally different topic,
In comparison to North America, I don't think this is something people really think about,
like, I never really noticed a double-eyelid on somebody,
while here it seems to be a big deal,
not saying that there's anything wrong with it here,
it's just not anything that North Americans pay attention to a lot of the time,
I think one beauty standard that definitely horrifies Koreans from North America
would be tanning. Oh boy!
Not just North America. People in Europe tan all the time on the beaches and stuff
But, like, getting tans on the beach, or going to tanning salons,
tanning oils, or like, tanning lotions.
I just don't think that would translate well over into Korean culture,
they kind of try to do their best to not tan.
covering up with their long sleeves, and the ajumma visors,
so that you don't have any darkening of the skin whatsoever.
In fact we noticed that with some of our students in the classroom,
if there was one student who was a little bit darker than everybody else,
but by no means dark according to our standards,
other students would make fun of them, like
"hahaha teacher look! That's Obama!"
And then we would have to change our lesson into something different like
How not to get your ass kicked in North America.
Oh culturally insensitive Korea! Sometimes you make us lol!
You gotta work on that!
So, one Korean beauty standard that definitely doesn't translate into North America
is the concept of having like a big, or small face.
It seems that a lot of foreigners have experienced this when they start teaching,
students will be like, "teacher teacher! Your face is so small!"
and they do, like, the fist size face,
and I'm like, "your face is small I'm gonna punch it!"
and I'm like, I don't really think my face is small or big,
it's just, like, a face.
but when we take pictures together my students will cover their jawbone area,
like, they'll do this, or they'll do this.
so when you see them doing kimchis, it's not because they're trying to be cute,
but it's because they're trying to hide the size of their face
which, supposedly, according to them, is big.
and we don't notice that at all.
So the area they supposedly think is big is this area here,
they think that it's, like, wider,
and they don't like high cheekbones, or those puffy things
where you're like [baby coddling talk]
like those things.
Uh. Supposedly that's not good.
But we never notice big faces on Korean people,
It's not like we're "Wow! You're face is so big!"
So big!
You just have a face.
But I think this gets into our next point about V-Line,
So V-Line is really closely tied with face size,
so basically V-line is this area here,
So if you have, like, a V-Style face,
it's considered to be very beautiful,
and a lot of Korean advertisements will show like
"Oh drink this green tea beverage and you'll get a v-line"
and they'll hold it up like this to show the V-Shape
That's why sometimes you'll see those chin rollers as well
because they'll try to make you have a more V of a face,
and you're pushing it with this awkward motion right here.
Oh Simon.
I'm just showing you what it does!
I know! It's true! It's a face roller! It rolls your face!
So I'll tell you what we find really interesting:
these standards of beauty can apply to both men and women,
you might have thought we were just talking about women,
with like the V-line and the pale skin, but we're not.
It can be totally Korean men or Korean women.
While in North America there seems to be different standards
for what's a beautiful guy and what's a beautiful girl.
While here the mould seems to be similar.
Kind of like, can you say, monosexual?
or like, Ubersexual?
Oh! Oh I like that!
Because I naughty naughty!
[Awesome rendition of Mr. Simple]
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