Ep 2:6 "Dividends" Zoe & Chloe Private Detectives

Uploaded by ZoeandChloePDTV on 12.02.2012

Last time on Zoe & Chloe--
(ZOE) This Year we're getting to the bottom of this!--
(CHLOE) Do we have any suspects?
(MR. TUTTLE) I've been the mail carrier on your block for years!
(ZOE) What can you tell me about the US Mail?
(CHLOE) Go ask that lady if she's seen the mailman
And then this happened!
($ULLY) Yeah! I'll Give you a glass of lemonade
a coupla cups!
($ULLY) Ok Lil' Mama, its your special day
I'ma give you a little taste
You know what I mean? cause my motto is--
In order to be a viable player in the game and stay off the bench--
you gotta keep your body moist and that thirst Quenched!
(ROBERTA) Why's your office in an Alley?
You know what I mean, I got a counter all Around this CITY
I'm coming up like P-Diddy!
(ROBERTA) Yeah, I have no idea what that means
($ULLY) So how many cups you need? 1? 2? 3?
(ROBERTA) uuuh?-- zero?
($ULLY) Let me give a little "Experience"
($ULLY) I like to make an impression on your mind
($ULLY) Have you coming back to me 1,2,3,4 More Times!
(CHLOE) What is she doing?
(CHLOE) So-- did she know?
(ROBERTA) I need $1.99!
(CHLOE) Well, there he goes.
(CHLOE) I guess that lemonade paid off.
(ROBERTA) *slurps and gulps loudly*
(CHLOE) Now we wait.
(ROBERTA) but I thought we Didn't think he was guilty?
(CHLOE) we DON'T, but we have to back-track the packages somehow--
and he's our only lead.
(ZOE) Excuse me
(ZOE) um--hi, can you help me? I was looking to find this address?
(ZOE) It's like somewhere around here but I --
($ULLY) Ok Lil-Mama, you don't see me on my break?
(ZOE) Oh sorry
($ULLY) Yeah that's a little bit RUDE. you know what I'm saying?
(ZOE) ok
($ULLY) Nah I'm just playing with you
(ZOE) Haha oh okay hahaha that was a good one!
($ULLY) Yeah, yeah I can help you
($ULLY) I don't know what's up with today!
($ULLY) Everybody wanna take a ride on my information highway
($ULLY) Asking me questions all day Every Day! what you need?
(ZOE) Thats--- I need to find this store? It's like this umm--this huh
(ZOE) This like Odds and ends store? They sell really cool stuff
(ZOE) Can you tell me where it is? and then I'll come back I swear
(ZOE) I have to walk back this---
(ZOE) Whoa! Whoa! that's like a little too fast!
($ULLY) You know what lil-mama Its all good
($SULLY) You gotta stay on Top of your Toes
($ULLY) You know what I mean? Dodging those Blows!
($ULLY) Cause I feel like people always trying to take you down
(ZOE) Yeah they ARE!
($ULLY) I'ma need you to make this action complete--
($ULLY) I got this gentleman in the shade, ready to buy my lemonade.
(ZOE) Oh, um-- I'll take a sample,
(ZOE) but where is this address?