Imam Muda (Young Imam) Finale English sub part2

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Peace be with you
I am Dzulkarnain Haji Hamzah
you are witnessing the Imam Muda finale
breaking the traditional in searching
for a new young leader
who will be crowned as Imam Muda Tonight
will it be
all will be answered here
for 10 weeks these contestant struggled
with all their abilities
not only the knowledge, reasoning
also their attitude to be crowned as the top Young Imam
many tasks were given
THEY managed to handled them well
but we'll look at their feelings
Seven groups that 'll be covered at the Day of Judgement
are the men whose heart were to Masjids
10 weeks they stayed in a mosque
they separated for God
from 10, now only two left
who will be the top Imam Muda
The world is watching Imam Muda
but without the helping hands of
Islamic religion department
Astro Oasis
Prime minister Dept.
also the Mufti Dept
Young Imam would not be as grand as of today
a big applause to them
Today they will undergo tests
they will be tested
test at this time are quite different
50% written in class
20% practical in their village with tasks
30% of them will prove in this field
you are the witnesses
we 'll look at their standings
this is their standings after their village community tasks
do not be so happy
because Hizbur has a Secret Weapon
they had the same great
one from penang
one from Kedah
Asyraf what your feelings
I'm thankful
shock that I'm getting to this point
to me
not my choice or the jury
the destiny of God to be here
accept destiny with anything that is strength
I see you feel the beat
your wife is here?
do you feel encouraged?
when wife
mother came
from a distance only to see the child, brother, husband
continue your struggle
how about watching them
completing their tasks out there
Asyraf in Penang
Hizbur in Kedah
we want to get back to the village
I hope you do
the best
he's happy
he is the first to meet the wife
going back to Baling
we'll see how is the response
seeing my wife
come with the official car
here They come
my wife
long time no see, but she's camera shy
they built a banner
at the junction
see their own face
feels like a people's representative
my mother
without her pray I wont be here
my father he understands me