Stampin'Up Card Express #2 Valentine's Card by Karen Titus

Uploaded by stampingonthebp on 22.01.2013

hi this is karen titus from stamping on the back porch dot com today we will be
making this fun valentine's card with this cute little hershey's kiss on it
this is another quick easy card to do
we're going to start with the base which is naturals white
and it's four and a quarter by eleven so it's scored at
five-and-a-half and fold it over
and then to do this background we are using the really red core'dinations
it has been run through the honeycomb embossing
folder to drop you can see this is then sanded
and i actually like to do a little larger piece so this is a four and a
quarter by four and a half size when it goes through and then cut in half
so each piece of this0:00:51.610,0:00:53.280 is four and one-quarter
by two and and quarter0:00:56.490,0:00:59.570 and that is backed with chocolate
chip0:01:00.680,0:01:01.579 that is
four by two-and-a-half
so there is the base of the card
now on to make the fun candy kiss
for this i used the build a blossom punch
and then a piece of
chocolate chip cardstock0:01:18.439,0:01:21.750 you can see i'm going to take the punch down0:01:21.750,0:01:24.920 right cause i'm looking at this larger
blossom part
down to where i want and then out will come my
kiss here
in the kitchen i grabbed a little bit of
aluminum foil time just to wrap the candy over
too much to be brought up whoever you want it
there is the candy kiss for the card
and then for the words this is from petite pairs and it's just a perfect little
sentiment so it's the sending a kiss for everything you are to me
perfect for valentine's there
or other fun things and that is punched out with the small oval punch
add a little bit of our narrow stitched
really red ribbon and you have a finished card you could make a lot of
these up in a short time so i hope you enjoyed this idea for valentine's day
and thank you for watching again this is karen titus stamping on the back porch
dot com
and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already