Speed Creed: Merdeka Run (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Uploaded by speedcreedcommunity on 19.12.2012

Building our nation. nation building
from colonial decadence
to become a nation
that has heart
a nation that can face all challenges.
One independent nation.
From Sabang until Merauke,
it is not just another geographical entity.
It is united in nationality,
it is one national entity.
It is also a unitary state,
a state entity that’s all-around strong.
It is a unity of willpower,
a unity of ideology,
one dynamic ideological entity.
It is one united social vision that lives like a bonfire.
One entity of social consciousness like a burning fire.
Because of that, people of Indonesia,
keep your head up.
Do not back down,
keep your feet moving on the face of this earth.
I am now not speaking as president of a mandate,
not as president of the prime minister,
not as president of the commander in chief -
I am speaking here as
a mouthpiece for the people of Indonesia.