DIY E-Cig . Great Vaping

Uploaded by Ancient12Tree on 06.10.2012

Hi, I bought 2 e-cigarettes ,
from dealextreme , .two weeks ago
not simultanously
uh... they've lost uh... both the stoped working good after to a day or two
uh... which is a
uh... and uh... i also bought um something like uh... two hundred
that I have to use
so it was at a loss on what to do
uh... and than I realized that the tips
are opposite to each other
this means that
this battery is male , and this battery is female
which affect the adapter
and the smoking tip, tips
so what I did
was take the
from eh
this one and the smoking tip one
and they actually fit , they screw very nicely , very eh, perfect
i want to add that the
charging adapter is really a physical one, there is no electronics inside
just wires
which simplifies the..
the solution, or the modification
so white or color
bottom for men
and molded dvd did the dvd
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was interested
at the cds
and uh... since i have been limited to the mobile phone
cult of just a small group of one to one minute
actual point
the debate was trembling maybe two weeks leary's
well putting warnings
activating and i hope you'll find it uh...
useful information