Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Cheers : How a Cheer Squad Finds Cheers

Uploaded by expertvillage on 07.03.2008

Hi! I'm Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village. I'm going to show you some cheerleading squad
cheers today. We're going to talk about chants and I'm going to demonstrate some that you
can take to your squad. First of all, before we can get started cheering, each squad is
going to acquire a bank of cheers. You're going to want about 30-50 cheers because you
don't want to bore your crowd doing the same cheer over and over again. We certainly don't
want to repeat cheers within the duration of one basketball game or one football game.
As a cheerleader, you're going to be expected to bring about 5 cheers to your squad. It's
okay to take these cheers from squads that you've formally been on as long as you get
the permission of the coach. It's also appropriate to look through books and the internet to
get cheer words. You can make up your own motions, or you can also create your own cheer
entirely. Once you have the 5 cheers you'd like to teach, you're going to have to make
sure the rest of your squad members can master this cheer. The best way to teach cheers is
to face back to the girls you're teaching them so we don't get our right and left confused.
For example, right V, left V, step, turn. You're going to want to make sure that you're
ready to do them this way. You can also teach them mirrored, but that means you're going
to be in charge of reversing all the movement yourself. Go ahead and get these cheers ready
so you can bring them in and teach the rest of your squad.