Stainless Steel Gates

Uploaded by JustStainless on 19.07.2011

Assembling the DIY Gates
In this video we're going to show you how you can, at home, assemble these DIY stainless steel gates.
Before you start make sure you have all the correct tools and parts ready. (These are listed on the DIY Gates page on the website.)
To start, using the supplied technical drawing...
...we're going to mark the correct hole positions for drilling...
...using the datum measurements shown on the drawing.
Let's begin!
Use masking tape to provide a scribing surface all along one side of the tube.
Clamp the tube down with the masking tape square to the table.
7. With a 6.5mm drill bit bore out the pilot hole to its final size.
8. Remove the front of the glass clamp.
9. Using the 'long spanner' provided, you can push the screw through the hole from the inside of the tube.
First tape up one side of the spanner head, to keep the screw in place.
Then carefully feed the screw down the tube and through the hole.
10. Place the the glass clamp and then the nut over the screw - whilst still holding the long spanner in place.
11. Tighten the nut, whilst holding the long spanner still and ensuring glass clamp is lined up with the marks we placed before.
12. Replace the front of the glass clamp...
...and you can see that the glass clamp lines up with both marks.