Let's Play Call of Cthulhu Ep. 1: I Never Did Find Victor

Uploaded by AquatakatII on 21.11.2012

>> Hey, Internet people.
My name is Ryan and today we are playing
Call of Cthulhu: The Dark Corners of the Earth.
>> Now, at my end, I can finally see
my last case opened up in me a fear. A real fear.
A fear of myself, what I am, and what I've always been.
All that I was is now lost.
Hope, purpose, pleasure, all meaningless.
I now walk in the shadows between worlds
and it is there that I have finally glimpsed what lives
in the dark corners of the earth.
>> The earth is round. It has no corners.
I guess that's why he's in an insane asylum.
[The sort of music you'd expect to come from a phonograph]
What are you doing?
Think of all you have to live for!
You have a coil bound book!
Oh, well now your coil bound book's going to get blood all over it.
OK, so is he dead? What's going on here?
Don't leave me hanging here, game.
Don't leave me... no!
Uh, ignorant deluded are... Oh, that, that was not on the screen for nearly long enough.
A very specific amount of time ago.
Mildly specific I suppose.
I am digging this. Look at that, look at that depressing sky
and those rain crystals that are forming on my eyeballs
as is custom.
>> Robert, this had better be good. What's the beef?
>> Sorry, Jack. We had to call.
This fellow will only talk to you. Name's Victor Holt.
>> I don't know any Victor.
>> He's the leader of this weird cult that moved in here a few months back. Got about
20 followers. They've been causing trouble all over town: stealing, going through folks'
trash, hanging out outside people's homes at all hours. No one ever presses charges,
though. They're a screwy bunch, they've got the locals scared. So tonight, we were just
passing, you know? Doing the normal rounds, when we heard gunshots fired from their property.
>> Gunshots? Hang on there. No one said anything about gunshots.
Who've we got here?
>> Eh, just me, Nichols and a few new recruits.
>> Well that's just great.
Lead the way, Robert. I better check out this crazy gang of yours.
>> You, a bunch of 5 cent pieces and a bunch of...
other various things.
What is this? What is this?
It's a tile of some kind.
>> Come on, Jack. We haven't got time to hang around.
>> I'm looking at things. I'm enjoying this thing that fell off.
>> How you doing, kid?
>> Good sir! Is it true what they say about you?
>> Depends on what they're saying.
>> That you've cracked cases... where there was no evidence!
>> You shouldn't believe everything you hear.
>> Uh, right.
>> Huahuahuahua. Oh. Am I playing Shadowman for the Nintendo 64?
>> Jack, officer Nichols will brief you at the top. Be careful.
>> Yeah.
>> What's taking him so long? Something must be wrong.
>> Evening, Jack. Glad you could join the freakshow.
>> How's it looking, Henry?
>> I don't like this one bit, Jack. Check the alley on the right.
Victor Holt's over there in the shadows. He's waiting for you.
>> Can we trust him?
>> Nope, but we got you covered. You better take it slowly though. They're a bit twitchy.
>> OK, I'll take it slow.
Am I dying? Oh.
Probably shouldn't have jumped out like that.
Do I have a gun?
Hey, Victor? Where are you?
Oh look, some rats.
There's lots of rats in here.
You guys should really get that checked out.
I can't see anything in here at all.
It is pitch black. It as black as pitch.
Why did we ever keep saying pitch black ever since we stopped using pitch?
Oh, what is this?
They're making a super death ray in here
and drawing shit on walls. This is just, oh my god.
These are the average things that a five year old does.
Draws on walls and makes super death rays is what I'm on there.
I guess I'm supposed to go through the door?
I don't want to go through the door. They'll shoot me.
>> It's an old stove.
>> Oh, it's an old stove.
>> Die you pathetic bastards! >> Ha ha ha. Can I climb this?
No? Oh, I bet I can comment on that shit over there.
No? OK, you got nothing to say?
What about the scrawlings on the walls? You only... oh, wait.
>> As I continue to translate the Rakadic fragments I become more and more eager to
contact my Yithian Masters. These beings truly are gods to us. Their intellect and knowledge
surpasses ours in ways impossible to comprehend. I know how just how insignificant mankind
is in the universe: a doomed and simple species thrown up a sa side effect of an experiment
by the Elder Things. It is a blessing that such flawed creatures as ourselves have such
a short and limited future.
>> Oh wow, look at that. Select the book icon. There is no book icon.
>> The fire's still burning.
>> That's not a fire. >> It must have been lit recently.
It's started to die down.
>> That's not even fire, that's...
I don't even know what my guy's name is. I'm not paying any attention.
Rats. Rats.
OK. Let's go through this door.
Hopefully I don't die.
>> That symbol's strange. Looks almost like a flaming eye.
I should take a closer look.
>> Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha.
Yeah, OK. I get it.
>> This blasphemous image makes me feel uneasy.
>> This blasphemous image makes me feal uneasy.
>> ...an old grandfather clock.
It looks like an eye
>> It looks like a vagina.
>> but the rest of the painting has no real shape.
>> The rest of the painting has... look we got ET in this corner.
>> That's an unusual piece of art.
>> That one's just an eye. That one actually looks like an eye, not like a vagina.
Oh, I hear a dog and/or a monster.
>> The wood in those shelves looks rotten. Figures they'd collapse.
>> Yeah. I can't believe we're playing Shadowman for the Nintendo 64.
Oh, hello.
>> At last!
It's you!
>> He seemed to recognise me. I don't get it.
>> Hi. Don't shoot me please.
An old wardrobe.
Empty ammo boxes and spent shells. Nothing useful.
Poisoning by the looks of it.
>> Did he poison himself?
Who knows.
>> He's dead. They're all dead.
>> He's dead and it's getting blurry!
Is that because I looked at this? Did he drink it?
Is that really what happened?
>> Poison appears to have been on the menu.
>> Why am I blurry? What's going on?
Do I need to have a nap?
>> Suicide, or rather, mass suicide.
These nuts had some serious issues.
He's dead. They're all dead.
Suicide, or rather, mass su- Nothing of interest.
>> Suicide, or rather... mass effect.
Did I enter the wrong room perhaps?
Oh, am I dying now?
Am I going to keel over and a plot will happen?
Uh oh. Oh, I don't like the looks of this. I don't like where this is going.
Don't shoot. I'm unarmed.
>> Enh! We've been expecting you, Mr. Wal-
>> Damn. He recognised me. And it sounded like he was going to get on the level with
what's go- A key.
>> Ha ha! This guy's so happy. Woo.
Well I have a key now.
Doesn't that open a locked door somewhere? Is that a lock?
Yes? No? Right here perhaps?
>> It won't open.
>> It must be locked.
Good thing I know how to use my inv-
>> The lock on this door is broken.
>> Well fuck. >> It won't budge.
>> Well OK, I'll use this. >> The lock on this door is broken.
It won't budge.
>> Well what use is this fucking key if all the doors are locked? Like, seriously?
Does this go higher? I think this might go higher.
Uh, I forgot to mention that this game was purchased-
>> It's the wrong key. >> What do you mean it's the wrong key?
Well, Jesus.
>> It's unlocked.
Another key. This should fit the door across the hall.
>> I should look around in here. I better take a look around.
>> I don't understand! I'm in all of these photos! All of them.
There must be some kind of mistake. Why would they want me here?
>> Because...
>> It must be an old case. Something I'd forgotten. A screwball with a grudge, maybe. Think...
I got to think!
>> You know what it is? Because you're so pretty.
Look at that dapper face, mm, yeah, picking your nose and whatnot.
Come on, take the files, take the books. Lick the book.
Crouch down for a moment.
>> All these photos and clippings are of me. I just don't get it.
>> I get it. I figured it out.
>> It's unlocked.
It appears to be a private study area. It appears to be a private study area.
The drawer holds an ancient manuscript with symbols...
There are definitely some strange sounds coming from this side of the room.
>> Oh! Oh!
>> Shit, that did not sound good.
>> Oh no! How will I get back?
>> Well, that's just swell.
He's dead. The beam must have fallen and crushed his skull.
>> Oh sweet! >> Medical charts of the human anatomy.
>> Oh, what is this? What is going on right here?
I'm going to read this ancient manuscript.
Uhh... Mythos, tomes and there we go.
"...medieval, but claims to be translation from the Greek, blah, blah..."
"...burned... races so strange as to be beyond human comprehension.... wars fought across
vast something or other."
Well I'm dizzy now that I've read that so gee thanks, book.
>> Dead bodies and plenty of them.
Something dreadful has been going on down here.
>> I thought it was a monster.
>> From the markings he must have been one of their own. They must have been trying to
preserve the bodies.
This sink would be used for scrubbing up.
>> Why are you breathing so hard?
Is it because you were looking at yourself and you're so pretty.
>> In all my time on the job I've never seen anything like this before.
>> Oh.
Well this is the obvious conclusion.
Oh no!
Hello. How are you?
>> Good god! What the hell is all this!?
>> OK. So maybe this isn't Shadowgate 64... This is-
>> Oh shit!
>> Oh, I didn't mean to... I didn't mean to do that. Sorry.
Oh, did I kill you, did I...?
>> The machine must have overloaded. He's dead.
The crystal's still warm.
I've never seen equipment like this before.
Looks like some sort of generator for the machinery in this room.
Nope, nothing of interest.
His kidneys have stopped moving.
>> Oh no! >> His intestines have stopped moving.
>> His brain has stopped... well it wasn't really moving before.
>> His brain stopped moving.
>> Was it moving before? That doesn't make any sense.
What's going on here?
>> His heart has stopped.
>> That's not a heart. That's a potato.
>> His lungs have stopped ventilating.
>> That's not lungs. That's two potatoes.
>> His stomach has stopped moving.
>> That's not a stomach. That's a peanut.
OK, I'll go through this door.
>> This tunnel feels like it's going to collapse at any moment.
>> Thanks for... Thanks for that.
>> Ah! It's too hot to pick up!
It's too hot to touch. I think it's being used as a power source for the machine.
>> What is this? What the fuck is happening right now?
>> There's no power.
>> Well I guess I better find the slot and put my crystal in it, shouldn't I?
Are you the slot? This looks like a slot. I can do this. I'm figuring out puzzles.
Do I want to know what's down there, though? I guess I'll figure it out.
Well me fuck me in the ass and call me Rebecca Lynn. What is going on here?
No, this isn't... Oh no, I picked up the sigil stone. Oh no!
I should probably move. Like, this isn't good.
I'm going to die.
And then he ended up in the insane asylum. Game over.
I think we're going to make than episode Internet people. Thanks for watching.