My first Rome Total War Multiplayer Battle

Uploaded by Zevviews8 on 07.10.2012

well this is Zevviews8 and i'm bringing you my first Rome Total War gameplay
this is about to leave
planes patrolling jewell extraction
and my opponent playing its cards three
okayed so what happens is
i'd just out of the pool of new idea
by putting in my room and someone at least for the first part of it you know
into distilled formation
this was sold to in many videos
by different amounts and only to meet utah and
pretty much impractical in useless
wendy in
on one-on-one
moment all of that
instead of in the
normal campaign map storming castle making shouldn't
missiles hit a tree
hiding desilva stones from the slater's blinking
while still be able to
basically destiny
miss out trip action
ankeet might troops from harm
signals work
it's about farm out the soooo is if you get charged by cavalli you are screwed
dot dot bothered nutrition premature always got a route if they're just too
big for trickery
capitol reef just because of the forces impact of the cavalry
this basically almost happened to me
but i can say it was my charge
who had no more
the calories won't mind
troops form the line
eventually took out all the trees one st
with missiles and throwing unit
put them back in
just at the moment more lines converged
to see if i could hold back here is it good than harm for it
one like ass off the bat number so can not destroyed
in the first
through the video
try and get up
totally destroyed his cat
throughout the video went to work and his remnants left
it was too scared
to actually go out to raise the discount for fears being completely
but restrained twenty ten
believes the renewed itself
no matter what
prescribed review means
don't run daily
almost ronnie troops patented
possibly could
in this case
after destroying
who i thought have
compression tool
my mind
before he wanted to
exactly at that point where you charge
swiss army sort of encirclement conspire
which would have worked very well
except that in the money
invite counter charging and destroying
right flank
as he tried to destroy my left
by making treating this revelation seeking out
the hardest part is right frank
it pretty much less open carol's graduate who's going forward have
financing this wide might encircled and
let's talk about the best kevin gilbert's peeps
and he does here one of the scheme of things that actually received
maybe this is good
that i just don't do it
to be looks at the freedoms that
here in thailand sideways
across a lot of romans hopefully for the puma
difficulty with
of the science in the back
which where you are most vulnerable here it was a sick about haha
friends dot health dot
while trying to circle
and his left arm dot
might reorient
at this point sidetrack archer's which had no missiles left
there until my cabinet
concert go back
is history
i think there's at least five points in the sand
misinterpreted to which you've already seen
relentless shot
one charge practices
we don't see it
of increasing concern
so that's okay
in the b_b_c_
his own choice
she would like to imagine those units instead scene
could he possibly due to his side
incident and hot points and such
in an effort to save them
on the catastrophe
which was about to become
trying institute
here it gets a little more proper action though
tenderly file you'll see more information
not these lines
this valve assembly
prospects she overreacted
an effort to save the
troops she smiled
slammed the door
low-power microscope
but never trust evens out
or really really really
didn't cross your
wireless service
this is my first tomorrow i'd did not want to invest in a million organs does
that work for me to be able to buy it
since it was a big
normal funds or small splinter cell
i did however
greatly needed there
early jerry cohorts sweeter cohorts
but really i a m
sick if you could speed or something like
is our consisted of mostly steer armed troops
uh... i think to secret bands
cavalry all along to you
pretty much normal kathy just to get
one or two militia unit
charged in the flanked by my own pictures were sent home
stay where i have no
not losing
not losing
kelly instead encircling me itin circle
services arrowhead
but usually spells defeat
he was
yeltsin tried to leave
appraised units which most people do dot
for us to
where else though
they did pretty well
bunched up
i might find
died at the house
privilege disjointed
and a few more things
see the angle
of his units
business-like space between
secret that haha oops and all the hard way
this this is still alive
and fisheries
this and it turns out fast enough
kill my cap
wallis confusion is going on she doesn't
destruction it's warm
experts michael maginnis kind again
i worry about what charts peace agreement haha oops
into the overarching is creating some kind of routing of my units
maybe sometime non-stop from because there is often fighting all this time
possibly beatrice lease in their infiltration
while charge them and put them in fax in the last second
transit right wing
just want to have a class of two new
do not
we're not having to travel up to be a frontal assault
on still aren't just sit there and
troops which is really really
really thrilled you know if you could see her
horrible idea in fact
at i've realized that the shootdown making it's mine
until i realized all's warhammer dad but i think he's done it starts to get
general raoul
constructive in the fights with a really cool truck
exactly what happened
velasco apartment it was when i wrote
managerial was one of the jury for
rag dolls
something elese
now time never failed to appreciate
appearance at colostate beginning till about talking about
rush to field a dead bodies
scab hires tons of solid
as much as this will catch up
lifted directly turnarounds
kissi ke yet
because i wrote his last name
just before i had time to rush them