Gran Turismo Veloce - European Tour Vlog - Episode 5

Uploaded by gtvelocevideos on 11.04.2012

Usually, when a holiday ends, you go back home.
We don't!
We go and have another holiday!
Heading to Prague.
Nicest things of this morning: we broke the cap fuel key...
and broke the key for the water tank too.
We will think up something later.
Another border crossing for GTV.
Czech Republic approaching!
We just found out that our fridge was trying to part.
The train-like sound you hear...
is caused by the devas... devastated road.
It's been two kilometers that... oh my! Help!
I'd like to stress that this is the highway from Brno to Prague, so...
it may even be 200 kilometers like this.
Inevitably, our coming near Prague is welcomed...
by one of the most widely known Italian hit singles.
All together! Sing aloud!
I can't believe it!
This is Prague.
It rains. It is freezing. We are going to the city center.
That is our bus stop. Where on Earth could the venue be?
Today it is Easter. How did we celebrate?
We ate again "spaghetti aglio e olio", just to vary our diet...
and now, it's time for...
Batman! We got Batman!
The party goes on inside the GTV caravan.
Happy Holy Easter!
Greetings for a happy Easter, to you and your families.
Well said!
Good morning everybody! It is Christmas!
In Prague, when Easter comes, comes Christmas too!
Fuck, it's snowing!
We played in the RedRoom bar...
kinda weird...
well, the place is usually for acoustic players...
and the audience was...
Well, no, the audience responded.
An American guy told us:
So I said:
He said: blah blah. He was drunk.
We can consider these two gigs as a test.
Tomorrow, 350 kilometers for Berlin. Lovely!