Made In America: Silly Bear Handmade/Review/Giveaway+Coupon Code

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Hello everyone so I just wanted to welcome you guys to the made in America week
I'm super excited about this I think it was a wonderful idea
The review I'm doing today is the Silly Bear handmade diaper
So this is all in one, one size Love this diaper
So when I was sent this diaper I received it in a little package
So I'm going to show you guys how I received it
This is my actually first hand made diaper and I was kind of nervous
And you never know what you're going to get from some one that is actually making it
And I know someone that is going to try to sell it is going to produce, try to produce
something with good quality
Its still, you're still going to be nervous but when I got it I was just beyond floored
just wowed At how amazingly this was made
and the time that was spent in it Just I love this diaper so
It was sent to me like this And i was kind of worried, I was kind of like
how is this a one size diaper? But then I realized that the snaps, I don't
know if you can even see this, the snaps part right here is
where the butt is, so if this is the newborn setting,
you know the smallest setting you don't have to see, you know, you wouldn't see snaps anyway
but if it was on the large setting you wouldn't see
a whole row of snaps coming down which all of my diapers have that entire row
of snaps right there so I really like that, so when you open it right
here, and the child is on, like my child is on the largest
setting I think he's actually on one of the smaller
settings because this is a nice size diaper so it hides all the snaps and you have that
look of the perfect fit diaper it's amazing I love this diaper and I love
this minky part right here and just the hint of fabric
and the touch of color or pattern or whatever you would choose for your diaper
Right here on the side so that it comes around on the front
So when their crawling around, I mean how cute is that.
So this is going to be my review of this diaper. I just have to say that I absolutely love
this. I try not to fall in love with all in one diapers, but they are
just so easy, no stuffing, nothing. And I have two and I love them.
But this is the inside of the diaper but I'm going to do another angle view so you can
see exactly what the diaper looks like
and stay tuned to the end of the video we have a coupon code for that you can check
out on her Etsy shop
OKay so I just wanted share some information about Amy the owner of Silly Bear Handmade,
and I'm going to read it directly from the email that
I have just because I don't want to get anything wrong
and I want to make sure I get everything correct So the silly bear handmade is an online shop
home based in Maine. Selling handmade cloth diapers, play things
and household goods and sewn and knitted by a WAHM,
military wife and full time online student. After partially cloth diapering her first
child and making her own diapers to fully cloth diaper her
second. Amy had become passionate about creating a
durable and functional cloth diapers to make cloth
diapers fun and easy for her friends and customers. Natural parenting led her to create reusable
napkins and paper towels, which are now for sale in her
Etsy shop and I will put that link below You can also contact her via her website
I hope I am saying that right it's Amy A M Y W I L L A . COM
Alright so here's the diaper You can't really tell the green I'm not sure
if I open it, it looks grey in there, but it's actually closer to the
snap color. I really don't know why the color is that bad.
Well, It's green and hopefully you saw it in the other part. So, and I'll put pictures
in here but. So here's the actually minky fabric right
here Extremely soft fabric, it's actually softer
than my other minky diapers. I have an Alva baby and a Comfy Rumps that
I have that are minky and its not this soft, so this is very
soft I love it. It's kind of like those little fleece blankets
you have on your couch or something that's what it feels
like, so it's extremely soft. Yeah, just like petting it like a little cat, [laughter] okay.
So it has a top row of snaps so that you can, this is on the largest setting, so that when
you put it on you know you can snap here, it had the overlapping
snaps so I should of done that one first. So you can overlap it if you need to, and
then it has, here is the adjustments right here.
So you have your main snap right there and you have one, two, three sizes, and you can
bring it all the way up to the smallest size.
Right there And that's extremely small waist right there
, but you know that's a rather small diaper. I don't believe that would actually fit a
newborn newborn, but not too far after. Most of my OS diapers started fitting around
9-10lbs and this pretty much looks just like my
BumGenius Alright so this is the outside it looks just
like this, and this is with it already snapped right there
So this is what it would look like all open And here is the back, this is what the back
of the diaper would look like with whatever fabric you
would choose and I actually love this owl print, it's just so adorable.
Love that, and it goes all the way across. So this is the inside of the diaper
And the inside is lined with organic bamboo velour OBV
So it has the organic bamboo inside here, there is no stuffing, no pockets, nothing.
So it is a great diaper it is extremely soft on the inside, I can feel the thickness of
the pad, of the bamboo inside and it's extremely thick and
I love it and it kind of makes it a little heavy, and
I'm guessing, I only have one other All in one, and it's not as
heavy but this one I used it for the first time as a night time diaper and it worked
fine And I've never actually used bamboo before
so I was kind of shocked and I was worried because we
have been using our BumGenius and stuffing them extra with like two or three just so
we can get through the night.
The sticking is great she's done a wonderful job in stitching, the elastic on the side
is great. For the legs
And then the back elastic is really nice and tight
And here's the tabs And the color is not coming out correctly
but that's another green color. So that's the inside and it's a great size,
it's nice and big. I believe once I put it on him, I can't remember,
but I believe he's on the next size up before going full
large I guess that would be small, medium, large,
extra large? I'm guessing. So yeah, so there's the diaper. Great quality,
great stitching. She's done a wonderful job. Defiantly go check out her Etsy page, her
facebook page and I'll put all the links in the bottom so you
can just go straight there, check her out, you know give her some love like her pages
Check out her pictures. She has wonderful items one her Etsy page very great price for
an all in one diaper, especially with the minky.
And my other minky diapers they actually kind of sweat, I don't know if anyone else had
that problem with minky, but they would sweat through,
like it just feels like damp on the outside. This one I didn't have that problem at all,
I don't have that damp feeling even after he's worn it
overnight. I wouldn't dare put a minky diaper on him overnight, but this one did a fabulous
job. And it's just a great diaper, I love this
diaper. So defiantly go check her out and send her some love,
and you can use the coupon code we will give you in just a minute.