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Welcome to the Kyles Collection - Jewellery of Distinction We are an Indian Jewellery company and Indian Wedding company based in London, UK
We specialise in Indian Bridal Collections, which range from Traditional Indian Jewellery to Bespoke Indian Jewellery
We have been operating since 1991, and currently international brand leaders in the finest indian jewellery available.
We are also proud to say that not only are we brand leaders in indian jewellery, but we manufacture the jewellery in London, UK
We also pride ourselves as manufacturers of Bespoke indian jewellery, a unique and creative product exclusive to Kyles Collection.
Our creative designs are hand crafted , using the latest equipment and innovative techniques. Our aim is to produce a stunning fusion of East meets West in all our products
Therefore most of our Indian Jewellery will be bespoke, unique and elegantly fashionable
As an Establised Indian Jewellery company, we also have exclusive rights to use another internationally recognised brand " Swarovski Elements"
We therefore create and manufacture Indian Jewellery with Swarovski Crystals and elements. This makes us truly bespoke in our approach to designing the perfect jewellery set.
Our Bespoke Jewellery consists of many elements, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, Ruby, Precious stones and Swarovski Elements
We exhibit most of our jewellery in our Showroom , in London, but also at established events such as The Asian Wedding Exhibition, or Asiana Exhibition
We tend to exhibit on Wedding Shows, Bridal Shows, Indian Wedding shows and Asian Wedding Exhibitions throughout the year
We also appear at indian fashion events, indian catwalk events, Indian Celebrity events, and High End Promotional functions
But ultimately, we cater for the Indian Bride. We focus mostly on the Indian Wedding and asian weddings. The indian Bride is our most important client and customer.
We provide an intimate and personal service for the indian bride, where we do an in-depth 1 to 1 consultation, before making a decision
We would then set out to create a truly bespoke piece of jewellery for the Bride and her big day
We would then set out to create a truly bespoke piece of jewellery for the Bride and her big day
We aim to make the bride feel like a model, on a catwalk, feeling glamorous, elegant, beautiful, exquisite, luxurious and sexy
As an Indian wedding company, we set out to create timeless pieces of jewellery, at high end and custome made designs.
Many of our clients and indian brides describe us as follows
Bespoke, Innovative, Luxury, Unique, Designer, Bling, Bespoke, Elegant, Fashionable, Classic, Traditional and Sexy
This is all down to our hand crafted, traditional and modern techniques, fused with innovation and creativity
Feel free to check our website - and see all our collections
On display will be bangles, necklaces, broaches, accesories, rings and so much more
At all the asian fashion events we attend we bring our showroom to the event
Therefore, you get to see all our bespoke and traditional jewellery for indian weddings and indian or asian celebrations
Also, our western fusion makes our jewellery perfect for any type of event in general
So why not come down to the Kyles Collection Showroon in Green street, E7 8JG, in London, UK
Where you can see our Indian Jewellery, Bespoke Jewellery, Unique Indian Jewellery, western Jewellery and Jewellery accesories
You will look at our designer jewellery and think Bling Indian Jewellery
or Traditional Indian Jewellery
The Indian Bride will have so much to choose from, and if it isnt in our showroom, we will make it
Kyles Collection, Jewellery of Distinction
Brand Leaders in Bridal Jewellery, Indian Jewellery, Asian Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery and bespoke jewellery