How To Install The Easing Slider | Easing Slider Tutorial

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big eyes i'm going to show you how to put in
this nice little slider here
and that people ask me about it nitrite upon the mock on some youtube video but
there's nothing really they're doing it clear step-by-step practice what i was
just thrown up here
source or injury is role seen one you've clicked on it
this issue to religious with jason person to the pages you want to
you'll see that she agent took us to
to be due around
relaxing to show you how to clean up this your l as well as i a m
the people who are all her work presses into the easing slider nice-looking either solution that
all right so we're going to go into your back office of word press has all along
into that i assume
hands with like i said i was going to quickly do the
show i think that you're a lot so
go down to settings include permalink
and by defaulted comes up that with this and that's the pages long and they did
is never if it doesn't look very nice so
for two years to do is just click on custom structure
and tightness in exactly
falls video of the afternoon type that in
and that's going to give you these nice side cleaner one juno and actually
pertain to the article
all right that's how you change the wordpress URL
and then discourses changes
foreign visitors
the loan guarantee pervert
those go up to
how to put in that easing slider
tornado plugins
then you're going to go to have new
i'm sure you know that the specific slider here
this little onepager david easing
new research plugins
very slow today ok so
you'll see that i don't see how this one installed as you saw my paid thirty
by three years ago interrupted or completely doesn't details the nivo slider and install
usually only with just plug in ur any plug in your ever putting com whoever
jointly details personal come up and i would you be a screenshot bell actually
give you directions on the installation
usually run more straightforward than this one
and um... that also tell you if the current plugin is not compatible with
your current wordpress
so in terms of easing slider if you have the newest version of word press
you're going to be good for you just click install
it'll take you to the pedro says it's unpacked downloaded
and when you get a lot and activate issue an activator
and then
you'll come over to your plugins click on
noted historians all your current point in time
and you'll seizing slider here
we want to do is just want to come over to your right hand side here and click
flowing inside
okay so it's going to bring you to this page here
seniors scroll down to
him as a low wage
p_h_p_ code is one of copy
and paste that exactly right there
coffee for those who agree back on your browser go back in your word press
miserable and you're a so i just didn't your story here
you're going to go to appearance
and you're going to clear
and come over to your right hand call in here and click on header
scroll down to the very bottom here
by the president errors on like that mendez drop this injustice here just for
the space between
vendors casesa operate in there
and then you're going to click update file
over that and he obviously see i have there are any
israel update the file and then you're going to go down to
easing slider
which will automatically be very hard to do anything you'll be there
looking into the first thing you want to do you want to talk to the stab here
this is you should usage settings
then you want to come down to where it says custom images
actually get images from what you'll see by default
is custom fields
selected category
we want to come down and click on custom images
and this is another thing here from
you've done everything
and it still shows a loading sign but you see the the template of the
slideshow out there
this coming year click fall since he was out there to the committee or you have a
plugin that's running the same laugh
terms of a system of maybe conflict into the city of that i don't
and save changes anything you do any changes you make back your make sure you
click save changes before moving on
there is a warning custom images
operators in london with how to install the slider0:05:43.520,0:05:46.969 anonymity restoring the risk
automatically deposited or as you do this alone upload image
and you can select from your computer your l
i have a media library of the public things over time so you can come in here
was initially
that'll be the exact same in any in any way you do it
and find the image that you want
click show
and only had to do is come down and click insert into post
and so we'll see there's no image yet
but it has to use pathfinder okay
so how do you want to come in here and save changes
canvassing a slow two day
bill gates less that now we want to do is we are fine
the or else
we are going to want to send the jury
so when i clicked on it
it sends a to where you want
soldiers rabbit any example here on the
cash is trash
this is an example is a actually i have set up but
this is a
does policies that was very direct
here to come in here
and you're going to go over and copy paste
right here
from of permalink h_t_t_p_ straight through
vision all
right click copy
straight back down to using slider
at the same changes or anything like that i didn't do anything story last
family really goes straight in the
and go down to image link here
and just paste our right and that sort of anything else
come right back out
sensitivity interest
solis has been updated now we can go back to our site
and so that would be the last week was unbelievable there along here
okay and they see it in his right to cash is trash
flat so you get that set up and show you a couple other things with us
is really self-explanatory still showing up
the reason i customize the more
is the actual
slider itself so you'll see that i have an arc
parking there
you could change that here
you don't need to have a live out of the flight on the page third one
sierra ones that i have one years
there in there
but once again are optional
and you can get it all out and i like to visit someone misses missus that
and i want all of that i wanted a complete look back
it gives them a chance to do so
yes you can just
change the width and height of that
right so you can make it
we needed essentially stretched across europe and want to cuba
getty images that uh... that become available
timely issues background-color
these slides
image that starts on a story on the wrong one
this transitions reviews religion people are in pretty good speed
eugene childless come
transitions between
so tell you that they will review of the century
show you
personal style
it is a refresher
this is a lovely so now factories are super easy to
to customize hannah making your own
drizzle back into it
quincy jones word colors
this is that you can have so if you want to
miserable i volunteer so from
the with insider outside the page
we need to show a resources that means
repressive over him
c questions today
case that you'll see now
that there is usually
markers along the wall
and so people can navigate us of their over here they want to go back and check
number two was
they just click on in there
and so with that
and then you can just for the customer in just a little bit more
and you can go and uh...
but insider outside of the page so this connection the inventor of the image
korea from laughter and side
found had a few things you can expedite upgraded version for
fifteen pounds
so it is not going to vote forty five dollars now
that's a cool system that has ever had a direct current
these guys take care the easing slider