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Hello, ladies, and welcome to another episode of The Loop, where we talk all things health,
wellness and Livestrong Woman. I'm Donna Ruko, and I'm really excited, because today on the
show, we have a very special guest: Keri Glassman from A Little Bit Better is live in the studio
to answer your questions. Keri Glassman, renowned nutritionist, author and wellness guru, welcome
to The Loop. It is so fun to be here with you. Well, we just gotta say: The audience
response to your show on Livestrong Woman has been absolutely phenomenal -- we've had
a great response. Oh, I'm so happy, because I'm loving doing it, and I love all your comments
-- so keep commenting, and I'll try to keep answering as much as I can. Keep those comments
coming in. Now, in A Little Bit Better, you offer people simple tips to make them feel
just a little bit better. Hey, I'm Keri Glassman, here with some quick and simple tips to help
you feel just a little bit better. Now why do you think it's important to focus on gradual
change rather than trying to move the world in one day? Well, regardless if somebody is
making a huge change to their lifestyle, or they're going very slowly, everyone can benefit
from these small tips -- and they also serve as just good little reminders. Yeah, I think
that's very good. And do you believe in like just one step at a time? Exactly. Something
small is more achievable than setting yourself a huge goal? You gotta crawl before you run
-- before you sprint, right? That's right, that's right. Now, awhile back we asked the
audience to weigh-in with some questions for you. Now not to put you on the spot, but…
No, I like being put on the spot. Okay, I'm gonna put you on the spot. Okay, the first
question comes from viewer, Sukilou, who would like to hear some tips on healthy snacks that
she can take to work or school. I love this -- we'll have to cover this in another episode
-- a whole laundry list, but here are a few: You can definitely bring little individual
containers of humus with cut up vegetables. I also love bringing individual packets of
nut butters, such as almond butter and peanut butter -- because that way, you can use them
with the vegetables or with a piece of fruit. You can always, especially if you have a little
cooler that you bring, you can bring an individual serving of yogurt and little packets of flaxseeds,
and you can put that in the yogurt. Individual packages of nuts -- you can eat them with
the piece of fruit or throw them in the yogurt. MIx and match, but have all of those types
of foods on hand. Oh, another favorite, also, is edamame, if you need something salty -- a
little salt and a little black pepper on edamame is a great treat there too. Sounds very good
-- I like the idea of -- a few of my favorites -- the flaxseed, putting that in that in the
yogurt -- Some ground flaxseed. That would be nice. I do like a bit of flaxseed. Okay,
excellent. Now… And chia seeds too -- we like chia seeds too. Which seeds? Chia seeds
too. Oh, I've never heard of those. We'll cover all seeds in another episode of A Little
Bit Better. You can tell me about that in a minute. Okay, next question comes from,
Honeybritney, who is wondering if you have any tips for falling asleep faster? Okay,
I use these tips all the time, because I have trouble falling asleep sometimes: First of
all, make sure your bedroom is dark and cool and organized. A cluttered bedroom is gonna
make it harder to fall asleep. Also, if there's anything on your mind, write it all down -- anything
you need to do the next day, when you write it down, you sort of put it aside. It'll help
from distracting you. Also, a cup of chamomile tea can be very helpful. Studies have actually
even shown that it can be just as helpful as certain medications for falling asleep.
And, of course, get rid of all the electronics -- your iPhone, your TV, your computer -- at
least a half an hour before you fall asleep. Wow, that's interesting. Now, I don't have
a lot of electronics in my room, but I do put my phone on charge when I'm sleeping -- that's
not good? Try to leave it in the other room. We covered this in an episode -- you need
to go re-watch that episode of A Little Bit Better. God, she's called me out. Finally,
let's move on quickly. Finally -- viewer, Maplesyruped, has -- is wondering if you have
any tips on portion sizes for meals? Well, we actually have an episode on portion sizes
coming up very soon. But my favorite tip, when you think about going out for dinner
and worrying about portions: First, fill up on vegetables, such as a salad or a veggie
soup. Order a big portion of vegetables, so the majority of your plate is vegetables -- don't
even worry about the portions so much. And then for your protein, think about starting
with a serving about the size of your iPhone. So, it's a good place to start. And you'll
have to tune in for the rest. And everyone knows how big an iPhone is, don't they? Exactly.
Well, I hope so. If they're watching YouTube, you know the size of an iPhone. Well, thanks
for being here today, Keri, and for helping us all feel just a little bit better -- appreciate
it. It was so nice to be here with you, thank you for having me. I can't wait for you to
come back. Now that's all for today. Leave us a comment if you have any questions for
myself or Keri. Thank you so much for watching. I'm Donna Ruko. This is Keri Glassman. And
you're watching The Loop on Livestrong Woman. As you can see, we are in a different location.
We're actually in the comfort of my own home. I got that lazy that I was like: "I don't
want to step out of my front door from now on." So anyway, let's talk about last week:
We actually -- we were talking about hair, and we decided to do like a little giveaway.
And we asked you to send in or write down your comments with your best hair tips for
the summer. So we got a great response -- I'm gonna read a few of them out now, and then
I'm gonna announce the winner. 5016J, who says: "I love wash and go." Pretty simple,
nothing fancy there. Sirin Srkikeir, who says: "I always air dry my hair during the summer.
And if I curl it, I always put heat protection on, so it doesn't damage the hair as much."
That seems to be a regular, frequent thing -- people are saying they're trying not to
use as much heat on their hair as usual. everythingrocksgirl says: "I love high ponytails and braids."
Thank you. Kerianna, this must be one of the Tone It Up ladies. She say: "I like to put
my hair up in a bun. It makes my neck feel a lot cooler, and I don't need to do much
to get the bun looking acceptable." Do you know what? I'm saying that must be Kerianna,
but maybe it's not? So if that's not Karina from the Tone It Up ladies, I'm really sorry
to the other Kerianna. Let's just go straight to the winner. Okay, drum roll please: This
is haleyjumper16 -- congratulations, you are our winner. And her comment is: "During summer,
I love to put my hair in braids." Once again, braids comes up again. "You can braid your
bangs out of your face or a fishtail or even a cute bun. You can get so creative with braids,
and it's an easy way to look effortless." haleyjumper16, thank you for your comment
-- congratulations. Hold on, let's have a little bit of fun with this, shall we. Congratulations,
haleyjumper16! I have an announcement to make: Yes, we have a new show starting on August,
13 -- that's this coming Monday. Now, can you remember Cassey from Blogilates? Uh, yeah,
who can forget her? Well, guess what? She's got her own show right here on Livestrong
Woman. Launching on Monday, and it's called Bootcamp Pilates. So for all of you Pilates
freaks out there, you're gonna absolutely love this. Now, ladies, you're gonna wanna
stay tuned, or, should I say, you're gonna wanna tune in on Monday, because we're also
doing another giveaway. So if you missed this week's one, don't worry, don't fret, because
we're doing another one. And there's gonna be plenty more coming right your way. So ladies,
have a great, fun, fit week. It's been wonderful connecting with you. Keep your comments coming
in, because this is all about you, let's be honest. Stay fit, healthy and Livestrong!
Or it's that. Oh, my god!