Weekly Fan Tutorial #08 - Homework (Copying Steve Bags)

Uploaded by techfantutorials on 03.01.2013

Well, fire spinners...
alcoholics, spongers, hooligans who wants to work ?
Hi guys, thinking about new USSR video,
I was asked for another homework
We though here.. not to hardly, but...
.. but may be to teach the moves that I've already learnt myself (so won't be new anymore)
can be not too interesting for others
so I make took the best parts from the videos of a guy, whose name is:
This guy does double hoops
and his moves and ideas can easily be used with fans
The first movie is called:
Let's watch another video with several interesting variations
and just in case if did not watch his first video
all the moves I've chosen can, in my opinion, be easily used with fans
trust me!
you aren't in church you won't be cheated.
that's it) So I'm waiting for you comments.
Do not hesitate to ask which move you want me to explain the next time
THE END (joke based on Russian word play, does not make sense in English..)