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Uploaded by SuperiorBeds on 25.09.2012

Hi! Good afternoon. Alex Read-Brain from Superior Beds coming at you for what is another edition
of The Travelling Bed video blog. I have continued my travels. I am in Perth, Western Australia,
and this is a bed by a friend’s house that I have spent some time at. It is an extremely
comfortable bed as the dog can testify catching its afternoon lay down, so bed and why it
is so comfortable, it is what we call probably a king-sized bed, about 150 cm wide, and 200
cm long. It’s extremely comfortable. It sits on this beautiful wooden frame, and that
is against a slat base, so it’s not a box spring Divan base like we sell, but frame
beds are very popular and do have their place. Now, as you can see as I pull back the covers
here, how thick this mattress is, like the mattress is literally more than, it’s probably
25, maybe 28 cm thick. This compares well to our lower-ended price that we sell to traditionally
29-30 cm thick in the mattress itself. Now, what makes this bed so comfortable is well,
this is a quality mattress. You can tell by the thickness and also the feel that I have
on the bed. This is quite a firm style compared to what I am used to personally, but is extremely
comfortable. Now, if we pull back the covers here, we’ll get a real sense of how big
and how thick this mattress is, and maybe found out who made it. Now, aha! This leads
to us looking at why this mattress is so comfortable. It has a what I believe is a foam, possibly
a latex topper, but this topper is attached here and is part of the mattress design, and
it is on both sides, so this is a turnable mattress. Turnable mattresses add wear and
prove much more long-term value than non-turnable mattresses because you can turn them and this
helps the mattress, like, regain structure after many times. We don’t lose the structure
so much if you’re turning with the seasons, so, increased wear and tear, a topper on both
ends as you can see, and quite a thick mattress. The mattress itself is probably 17 to 18 cm
and the toppers add quite a bit more, so this is good for 25 cm. Now, I don’t, I can’t
see who makes this. It’s probably an Australian label which we wouldn't carry, but I can tell
you now. I can feel the springs inside here, and I wouldn't want to sleep purely just on
a mattress which is why a topper really helps us because this is not encased in any zonal
support, and as an end it works well with the topper. It looks like it provides good
ventilation on the sides so the mattress will always be dry. It’s turnable, adding to
its lasting, or adding to its life spend, and the topper added makes it very comfortable.
It’s firm, doesn't have box spring Divan base as the beds we sell do, so it won’t
give as much and won’t be as comfortable long-term, but it’s also framed by this
beautiful bed frame which if you are looking to go on that style, I would recommend a pocket
spring mattress, probably something that doesn't have toppers built in, so you can add that
if you like, and then a protective cover to protect your investment, and this is a good
medium-value, I would suggest a medium-value mattress, and it does the job for a spare
room, and it is certainly comfortable enough for me for a few months later. So, the travelling
continues, and so will the travelling video blog of The Travelling Bed. So, until then,
sleep well.