Filmnews #13 - JOBS | Armstrong | Super Bowl | America 2 | WoW | Expendables 3 [DE|ENG|HD]

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And now for my german viewers.
Starting my Filmnews on Sunday
The reason why I'm standing here is...
...because I've got some fotos for new movies.
Beginning with The Muppets 2
Then there is Kick-Ass 2 from a magazin.
Then there is a picture for Man of Steel . Also from a magazin.
Aaand the last one is...
The Wolverine. Here I've got two and thats number one.
And here is the second one!
I'm interested in your opinion, so write me a comment!
What a suprise. Star Wars II and III will not be released in 3D
The first one didn't make so much money...
...and they want to concentrate on Star Wars VII with 100 percent.
Maybe they'll be release sometime, but one does not know.
A new poster for the biopic JOBS with Ashton Kutscher was released.
Half Jobs, half Kutscher.
The biocip of L. Armstrong is going to be filmed and Bradley Cooper should play him.
Another time I'm interested in your meanings, so write me in the comments.
After they could Jamie Foxx for Spiderman 2 ...
Paul Giametti will take the role of the rhino.
So Spiderman has 2 villians right many will come next? Comment!
Super Bowl is today, and here is a short clip for Iron Man 3.
Click it and you'll see more!
The female lead in Captain America 2 will be played by Emily VanCamp.
For more information click the link in the describtion.
There is a full international trailer released for Spring Breakers. Many don't like it...
...because of...ehm..I don't know, but I've heard about it!
But here is it anyways! Click on it ti watch!
As I told you on last sunday J. J. Abrams signed for Star Wars VII.
So he made many interviews and said, that he signed after a long talk with Lucas about Star Wars and the fans.
A trailer was released for the movie Byzantium, which has not yet a release date, but a trailer.
It's a vampire thriller movie and here is the trailer for you!
There is a plot for Fast & Furious 6 released.
It will be about the two main characters, who stole 100 million $ in Rio and are on the escape in europe.
Yes...that's all for now.
Some time ago the filmindustry spoke about a World of Warcraft movie.
And now they said that maybe Johnny Depp will play a role in the movie.
You're thoughts in my commentbox please!
And now to an even more curiousssssssss message.
Bill Clinton is in talks for The Expendables 3.
Mh...yes...what do you think? Write me right now.
Who remembers The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? There will be a sequel!
Buuut Daniel Craig may not be in it again. Whole story in the video describtion.
And that's it for this week. Click on the left video for Top and Flop 2012. I'll also will make a video about the Oscars.
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See ya next week aaand bye!