Pâte à pizza - mélangeur.avi

Uploaded by SaveursDu on 22.11.2011

I suggest that you always use olive oil. It acts directly on the gluten and makes the dough more elastic.
Pour the water into the mixer bowl
Then the olive oil
and yeast
Whisk to mix well.
Add strong flour – also called all-purpose flour.
Put the dough hook in place and turn the mixer on.
Add the salt. Increase the speed.
Once the dough forms a ball, turn off the machine. You can see the dough is already starting to become elastic.
Give it a few more turns with the mixer to achieve the desired texture.
Check again.
Flour a bowl.
Tip the dough into the bowl;
Sprinkle lightly with flour.
Cover and let rest at room temperature, away from drafts. Unlike bread, we’re not going to let the dough double in volume, but simply give it 15-20 minutes resting time to relax so it can be easily stretched.