Sea of Ambition, 6회, EP06, #02

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Why aren’t you saying anything?
Do you feel empty now that we’re done?
We’re not done yet.
You’ve done us a great service, but we haven’t celebrated yet.
I don’t mind.
I do.
You deserve a special celebration.
Do I have to accept?
Yes, this is your special assignment.
As a professional, it’s your duty to look interested.
Yes, aren’t you a pro?
Good. Keep smiling.
Miss Yoon, do you know a lot about wine?
I’m learning about it online because I don’t have time to take classes.
Oh, really?
Then you should order. You need to try it if you want to learn.
I have a lot of wines I’d like to try...
...but it depends on how much you’re willing to pay.
I have no limits.
Order something you can’t afford and your friends can’t buy for you.
I want to try Romanee-Conti and ‘82 Chateau Latour.
I want to try Petrus, too.
Very well.
Mr. Hong!
This lady is learning about wine, and would like something priced over $2,000.
Bring the most experience wine you have and let her try it.
Yes, Mr. Jang.
I guess I won’t be seeing you for a while.
I know you were worried about me.
You’d better make up for it.
- Have a drink. - I have to drive.
I’m drinking a lot nowadays.
By the way, your mother is going to set a wedding date.
She thinks you’ll never get married if she leaves it up to you two.
I wonder why Se-Ra hasn’t texted me.
Didn’t you see her at work?
I did, but she hasn’t texted me.
She always texts me at least once a day.
Maybe she’s busy.
Honey, call Se-Ra.
That’s fine.
Come and eat with us.
The baby…
Likes drinking. Sit.
Not that.
I think the baby doesn’t want the father to leave.
I can’t help crying.
I’m sorry, honey.
I can’t come here often, but stay strong.
Don’t worry.
Se-Ra and I are here for her.
Don’t worry about me, but you need to worry about the baby.
Call us everyday and email us.
Do you know what the four delicacies of the world are?
I’m sure this foie gras is one of them.
Right. And?
- Caviar? - That’s correct.
I don’t know. I can’t afford them
Then I’ll tell you one.
- Truffle. - Truffle...
The mushroom?
That’s right.
What do you think is the last one?
I’m not sure.
I’m sure you do.
Maybe you’ve tried it.
I don’t know. Tell me.
- The pork of the sea. - The pork of the sea?
A whale?
Oh, blowfish.
Is blowfish supposed to be that good? Do you like blowfish?
I like it because of the poison.
The next time you try blowfish, wonder whether they took the poison out or not.
It’s very thrilling.
Why won’t you drink the wine?
Romanee-Conti or Petrus should be enjoyed by people who appreciate wine.
But sadly, I can’t drink.
You’re a good drinker.
I don’t get drunk easily, even when I mix drinks.
I have another job for you.
From now on, you should drink for me.
So I’m your drinking secretary now?

Is that your boyfriend?
Mr. Jang!
Your boss is a very jealous person.
I have a lot of things that I’d like to teach you.
In the professional world, success comes to those who pursuit it.
Financial incompetence is sin.
Unfortunately, I’m financially incompetent.
I don’t think you’ll always stay that way.
Do you really think so?
The one who climbs higher can see further away.
If you look at the world from up high, it’s a great world...
...and there are many things you can do.
If you were a pro, you should’ve taken my hand.
You should’ve gotten on the elevator.
If I took your hand… what would that mean?
What do you want from me?
Don’t be trapped in the chicken coop.
You’ll regret it the minute you get locked in.
You shouldn’t stay in there and lay eggs.
You need to fly like the seagull. Fly freely.
Higher, and higher.
That’s what I wanted to teach you first.
The song you sang, ‘Men are like ships. Women are like ports’ was excellent.
This is to thank you for the song.
What’s this?
It’s polite to open the gift in front of the giver.
A membership card?
Do I have to take this to the membership club and work late nights?
I thought you’d be happy.
I’m happy.
But I’m a little burdened.
I don’t make you work late nights.
If there’s anyone you’d like to take, take him.
This card…
To be honest with you, I’m touched.
I just thought of something.
I’d like to go to the club with you, if you’d invite me.
I want to see you dance.
I’ll pay for the drinks, of course.
I don’t think I should accept this.
If you don’t want it, then throw it away. I don’t take back what I give away.
I have a question.
What is it?
- It’s about Mrs. P. Phyllis. - Huh?
Do you love her?
Do you want to know?
Yes, I do.
Alright, I’ll tell you.
I loved her very much.
Did you betray her afterwards?
Do I look that popular to you?
Then did she betray you?
It was pathetic.
It was because of my financial incompetence.
I decided to shun from that evil.
What about now?
Only a fool dwells in the past.
Miss Yoon, that was a very daring question.
Let me ask you another question.
Are you a player?
If you’re a player, then maybe I am, too.
I think we have a lot in common.
I noticed that the minute I saw you.
Didn’t you notice it?
A pro takes what she deserves.
You’re a pro, right?
Where do you live?
Are you going to take me home?
Se-Ra’s coming late.
Se-Ra’s late.
You should go. It’s getting late.
Give her a hug.
Don’t cry.
Honey, bring home a lot of money.
Bring home a lot of money.
What a cute neighborhood.
Living abroad, I’ve always missed the smell of fermented soy.
I think I’ll smell that in this neighborhood.
Thanks for saying that.
Bye, then.
What’s wrong?
Why is your hand so cold?
It’s probably wet. My hands sweat when I drive.
And when the sweat cools down, my hand gets cold.
Maybe I’m cold-blooded.
Your hands are very warm, Miss Yoon.
It’s a relief. At least my hands are cold.
Go ahead. I’ll go inside after I see you leave.
No, you go inside.
Thanks for the gift.
Are you going to take me to the club with you?
See you tomorrow.
Se-Ra! Where were you?
Hyun-Min was here.
When did he leave?
Just now.
He was here for about two hours.
He took Se-Ho to his new place.
His new place?
He got a job.
It’s a shipbuilding company.
A shipbuilding company?
Don’t be trapped in the chicken coop.
You’ll regret it the minute you get locked in.
You shouldn’t stay in there and lay eggs.
You need to fly like the seagull.
Fly freely. Higher, and higher.
I promised something to the ocean.
That I’ll make Se-Ra happy, so she can smile and talk again�