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Hi everyone and welcome to Nicko's Kitchen's Superbowl Special, all this week
we are doing tasty simply treats
for you to enjoy the big game and today we're going to kick it off
with some Dirty Shrimp with a Butter Beer sauce
so let's get started!
so we're making dirty shrimp or prawns as we call them in Australia
in a butter beer sauce. They are so so delicious.
so easy to do and perfect
for game day. Now just into a bowl
i've got some raw prawns or shrimp
and they've been cleaned, deviated. They still got the tails on which is fine.
And right now what we're going to do is spice them up with a some fantastic range
of spices that will just go so well with
this dish. The first one we're going to be putting in
is some chili flakes
next I've got some
Oregano leaves.
I've also got some cayenne pepper so
these shrimp
or prawns do have a little bit of kick to them with the
chili flakes and the cayenne pepper mixed up. Here I've got some basil leaves
I've also got some thyme leaves as well, some dried thyme leaves. And this is why we call it

dirty prawns or dirty shrimp, because
look at them, they all look filthy with all those herbs, don't they?
Now just lastly, just quick I'm going to season them with some
pepper just a little bit of pepper
and uh... some salt
as well
And we're just going to mix these through
get those
herbs combined
on those prawns.
And that's all we have to do, guys
with the seasoning of the prawns or shrimp.
Now we can just start cooking them off. Just into a pan here over
low to medium heat to start with,
I'm gonna be adding in some
butter, now
use butter, don't use olive oil or anything like that
cooking prawns
just get a much better flavor
with the butter. And I'm using a little bit more, yes, because hey
it's Super Bowl. We're not going to a Weight Watchers meeting, are we?
And while that butter is slowly melting down, I've got some garlic here.
And I'm just using a zester. And I'm just going to be
putting in some garlic into the pan as well with all of that butter, so we've got those nice
traditional flavors
with that prawn or that shrimp with that garlic and that butter.
So I just want to mix that butter and the gallic around get it combined. So at this stage
we're going to put our
shrimp or prawns
straight in.
Just give them a good mixing around.
Get it all coated with those herbs and that butter and garlic.
Let me tell you something, guys
the smell of this
just amazing. You could do this outside on the grill or the BBQ
completely up to you but for those of you
who want to enjoy this, too, this is the way to do it.
So you can see here, guys
what the butter has done.
And the prawns they have just absorbed
that butter and garlic, that's exactly
what we want. Now we want to cook these prawns over this medium heat
for about
four minutes.
Now guys, in the last
thirty forty seconds of the cooking time just move his move
the prawns over to one side and I'm now going to be adding in
some beer.
Now the beer that I'm using today
is a low-carb beer
that's got a lime flavor to it. You could use any beer that you
I always like the lime flavor that goes well with this.
lime and seafood goes really really well, like all citrus. So that's the reason why
i'm using this one but like I said you could use anyone.
And I'm just going to pour the beer
straight in.
Turn it up to a high heat
just give that a quick
mix around and this
will only need a good
like I said 30-40 seconds
just to mix around
and create this beautiful flavored sauce
with our prawns or shrimp. So that's all we have to do, we can turn the heat off
and now
we can serve this bad boy up.
And guys once we put the
prawns or the shrimp on that plate I've just got some of that
butter beer sauce
and I'm just going to drizzle that
straight over the top. You could serve this with some rice and
let that
rice really soak up
those juices, but in any event it's just great the way it is.
So I hope you give these dirty prawns a try, they are fantastic and
so simple to do.
The flavors will blow your mind and you can just, like I said, have them in a bowl
and keep eating away. It's yum-O!
All the ingredients are below, so check it out.
Also tune in this Wednesday for another Super Bowl special so until then
take care!