NFC Event Wristbands consumer one use Near Field Communication Note 2- Practical NFC

Uploaded by practicalNFC on 12.01.2013

Hi, so we're taking a look today at some new nfc products that have come onto the market.
This particular one is a new style bracelet.
Now you might be familiar with the nfc bracelets that did come through
previously tend to be rubberized or have a strap that sort of
locks off here.
With these, these were a single use nfc
So, the idea with these are
a user would pop it onto their hand
like this.
They would then pull this toggle
and that will then tighten it. Now this toggle is one way only, it has a set of teeth
inside here so once it's pulled up,
it can't then be undone.
You would have to snip this off if you're going to remove the tag. Now, these are
perfect for events
especially concerts and gigs where
keeping people's tags and IDs on them for getting in and out of an event is
really important and people use badges and soon. With this, it's on the wrist and if
tightened up suitably it won't fall off although
for younger children
you're going to have to be a little bit careful with these tags I would say
because it is possible to overtighten them and they do tighten up a little bit over
time as well.
Obviously if it's pulling on clothing or things like that it's something just to be aware of.
When I first got these tags yesterday I was having a quick play around with one
and my first thought was OK,
so it's a one use tag, well how is that going to work for a consumer?
Obviously these are great for events but what happens after a consumer has used
one of these and snipped it off?
I was thinking, well actually I think we might be looking at a new form of
saving ticket stubs. When people go to gigs and events they
absolutely love putting their ticket stubs up on the wall on a pinboard
as a running collection of everywhere they've been
and every event they've seen.
So what I did, after I'd snipped it off my wrist because I didn't realise to begin with it was
one use only, should read descriptions more carefully shouldn't I?
But I did this. I basically took what was left of the strap,
took the toggle,
threaded it back through and turned it into just a straightforward hanger,
so I could easily see in future
that as these tags become popular with this particular wriststrap like the one use only

that consumers when they get home after a gig and they finally cut of their strap which
might be a week later or two weeks later depending on
how proud they are of going to that gig and want to still flash the wrist strap,
but this could just then be hung on a pinboard
and then you're opening up a new world of possibilities because normally we would
think of storing an ID number on to one of these tags. I mean, would you use that ID number to

scan and identify that person and within our data holding
we might have things like their photo,
their address details, things that we can use to identify that person as
definitely being the owner of this particular pass.
But what if we did it slightly differently? What if, instead of
just storing ID number in here
we stored a url
and the ID number
so our web address that we store on here might be

unique identifying number.
We can still, using our scanning system and our software onsite
pull out the ID number from that web address, we can discard the web address, we've got the
ID number and we still know that Joe Bloggs is Joe Bloggs, we've got their
photo ID from the data we're holding, everything is there.
But for the consumer when they get home after the gig,
they've got an nfc tag that they can scan
and immediately access a web address
using their unique identifying number
so now you know they've scanned this tag at home
or even at the event
and they've got more information. Your webpage can have anything you want on it
so you could have behind-the-scenes footage, you could have maps of where all the
refreshments are and all of this information can be nicely encoded onto an offsite
website that can be accessed from their phone.
Straightaway you've opened up these nfc tags from just being something
that enables you to track people
to being something that the consumer will want to use
and more importantly adds additional marketing and branding opportunities for you
as a brand.
Straightaway we've opened this up into a whole new area
so please don't just think of using these as purely an identification
Think what you can do with them
to help the consumer get more information from you or stay in touch with
you for longer.