A reparação - Josefa Menéndez

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Moment of Reflection
Jesus and Sister Josefa Menendez repair, the two, the Eternal Father!
One day Jesus appeared to the Servant of God Sister Jeosefa Menendez and said:
"Pick up the cross, we'll make it two for one hour, the sins that are committing.
You do not know how many souls are poured into trouble ... "
"We adore the Divine Majesty offended and outraged ... Let's fix many sins.
"Oh, God ... infinitely holy, infinitely merciful Father! I adore you.
I wanted to repair the outrages of sinners who receive
everywhere on Earth and in all times of day and night.
I would especially my Father, repair the sins that are committed during this time
and, therefore, I offer You all acts of adoration and reparation that Vos taxed souls that love Thee.
I offer You, especially, the Holocaust that continually presents you your divine Son,
sacrificing himself on the altar, everywhere on Earth and in all moments of time.
Oh, infinitely good and merciful Father! Receive this pure blood in reparation for the outrages of men.
Forgive them their sins and have mercy upon them. "
(From "A call to love")
But to understand the deep and painful feelings that filled the merciful Heart of Jesus
At the Last Supper
So fix Him, meditate on
Eucharist and sinners
One day he asked the Servant of God Josefa Menendez:
"Who created you?
"You, Lord."
"Who gave further proof of love? Who is like Thee I perdou and is willing to forgive you yet?
Yes, humble thyself, Josefa, kisses the ground and I do not fight it anymore.
"Write now for my soul.
I want to show them the bitterness that was possessed My Heart at the Last Supper.
For if there was much joy in my fellow men Me
until the end of centuries and divine food of souls
and see how many I surrender homage of adoration, ... and love,
was not lower the sadness that I caused
to see how many were to abandon me in the tabernacle and how many do not believe in the Real Presence ...
"How many hearts stained by sin would enter ...
and how my flesh and my blood, so desecrated,
had become a cause of condemnation for many souls ...!
"Ah! as seen at that moment all the outrage and sacrilege
and the tremendous abominations that they would commit against Me!
How many hours would pass only in the tabernacle!
How many nights!
How many loving souls reject the calls since that address, drove them ...!
"For the love of souls, I am a prisoner in the Eucharist
that in all their feathers and afflictions might console themselves with the most tender of hearts,
with the best of fathers, with the most faithful friend.
But that love falls apart and is consumed for the good of souls, will not be understood ...!
"I live among sinners for their salvation and life,
your doctor and your medicine all the ills of his corrupt nature,
and they in turn would pull away from me, insult me ​​and despise me ...
"Poor sinners! Do not stray from Me ..
I hope you day and night at the Shrine ...
Do not be reprenderei by your crimes ...
Do not shoot you in the face your sins ...
What I'll do is wash them with the blood of my wounds, fear not.
Come to Me .. Do not know how much I love you!
"And you dear souls, because you are cold and indifferent to my love?
I know that you must meet the needs of your family, your home and what the world calls you without ceasing;
but you will not have even a moment to come give me a proof of love and gratitude?
Be not carried for so many useless worries and reservai a time to come visit the Prisoner of Love! ...
Josefa, all I felt in my heart at the time of the Last Supper!
Brothers, our repair today was present in Jesus
already in his Last Supper and His agony in the Garden of Olives.
So we continue to fix him with love and fervor in the Holy Eucharist.
(From "A call to love")
+ Blessing of Almighty God, present in the Holy Eucharist,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you and remain forever.
- Amen.