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Uploaded by DrENMF on 27.06.2012

hi uh... scaffolding and video too
in the series that'll be doing forgiveness and what are chronic disease, what is a chronic disease
now foundation
dot com im go undergoing the protocol
uh... person of first video it was about two weeks ago
they had uh... started the hormone
uh... syrupy and supplements although supplements
uh... structure by my coach auto payment over a voice for change dot com
to start their little girl in and
because of the serious about it
that's from the experience of
debates over the two weeks ago things have been different making up windowsill
clear this let's talk in the morning
certain joints are feeling a lot better i got a touch of arthritis in my left
reconstructed years ago but
evidence doing a lot better distance more energy levels and things like that
uh... today's video though is day one its court stay and i just got done
getting myself i'd first injection
first-time ever for me
ourself injecting events
very easy i'm not painful uh... so anybody with the needle told me a story
about it's not a big deal
but the uh... what i did
was drawn to the doctors say
youtube site in the end of the holly administer usual injections watch that
uh... for the second time
really user-friendly
not a big deal
little bit of a military muscle is like pulling their hair out
uh... short sweet done
and uh... not a big deal
and uh...
today's courses summer beginning
uh... would be going over the uh... booklet that they give you
to return
uh... again so uh...
were off to the racist government banda
so uh... this is day one
i will be here
possibly doing daily videos
on listers really been and make a significant change but so far
previous two weeks of supplements
there has been proven my body
uh... more energy translate that
and today's uh... starting of the the first two weeks of the three weeks proto
right here uh... the second is uh... big change but that's also searched him the
different diet so i want to go
payout to have fun
i'm going to be a a
gorging on good foods those copeland oils of oils
are not going to try to places i'd at stopping oils
uh... or the texas food you really want courtship courtyard
all its
so uh...
that's only doing today preaching at tonight's op mother
so i watch an that now it's grown even in that stands for
uh... one shows i have one more thing i want more children with a half is
artwork part-time
as a shelf
uh... at a local
mediterranean restaurant
so uh... that's pretty much a large we've been off on vacation
for the last uh... we can have to go back to sixty is thursday june seven
in the next couple weeks and getting a few days in before detect before i have
to go back
new ministers on friday and moral
says conditions you know i uh... i get that this is not hurt because of people
on that
interim head chef sent
taste it
because i won't be able to get
anyway that we might might tell us a little of that kills well but i will be
a also
orchid units cities inside into this personality
play proteins seasoning and expect their stop
uh... tomorrow we have another video talking about what are chronic diseases and child diseases.
i will give you the applicant
banks but in the event