Ask the Kids: Healthy Eating

Uploaded by HorizonDairy on 31.01.2012

For over 20 years, Horizon has been committed to helping parents make smart
choices about their family nutrition.
During that time, we've heard lots of reasons why parents love Horizon,
but we wanted to hear it from those that know best so we decided to... Ask the Kids!
Mmm... pasta or burritos! Ribs!
Sometimes ham.
We usually don't put in a lot of junk food.
Candy because I sneak it. :)
Sometimes I tell my mom, "I want this, I want this, pack this in my lunch!"
My mom because she exercises a lot.
Um... me. :)
I know a lot of people so... I don't really know.
Either my mom or my dad. And my mom's always like,
"You need to get some protein in the morning!" But I'm like, "In my cereal there's milk and
I'm having enough milk."
From my parents
and a little bit at school.
School and my gym teacher.
From my mom.
Well, I just learned that myself. It was in my head.
My dad learned it looking on the computer. Facebook.
Probably from a health nutritionist.
Kids get it and so do we.
That's why we provide valuable resources to help parents with everything from
packing nutritious lunches to teaching their kids about the importance of
healthy eating.
Whether online or around the breakfast table, our goal is to help parents and
kids get the most out of every day.
Did you know? Our Healthy Families Community on our website is a great place to find healthy
recipes, parenting advice, and money saving tips.
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