The Hope Lives On Tribute Video

Uploaded by Kittle5678 on 12.08.2012

There's hope for a better world. There's hope for a better tomorrow.
Without hope
not only gays
but those blacks, and the Asians
and the disabled, the seniors, the us', the us's.
Without hope, the us' give up.
I know that you cannot live on hope alone
but without it, life is not worth living. And you, and you, and you gotta give them hope. Thank you very much.
I think every generation, every movement, needs a leader, a focal point
and Harvey became that
I think Harvey Milk
helped a lot of gay people not feel alone
He allows me to be myself
and his message allows other people to be themselves
It means a lot, and it especially means a lot to me that he went to UAlbany
I just think that's really cool
I just really want to be like him. Hearing his story,
I'm just like, that's me. The fire that he started is still
smoldering within our community
that just because he's not here doesn't mean that someone else or collectively
group of people can't continue the vision that he started
and that's the vision of hope.
I didnt actually know he attended the University at Albany until the end of my sophomore year when a friend
casually mentioned it off hand, and I was like, what? I did not know that.
She's like Harvey Milk went here
And I was like what?
My friend told me, you know Harvey Milk went here right, and I was like, What?
Harvey Milk went here?
Why didnt somebody tell me this sooner? I freaked out. I was so excited. I wish I would've known that
when I was applying because I totally would have gone here without even thinking.
Just thinking about him and reading his story,
Just wow, you know,
He's a real person
and he came from somewhere
and that some place just happened to be here.
The fact that he went here is just so cool
because its like
i'm part of his legacy kind of because I'm LGBT
I go here. (Chuckles)
And his message is kind of able to live through me
Before this movie was created
I had no idea who he was. I think that's important for
people who were involved, people who are knowledgeable
to spread the message
And it's important for young people to know this because they can feel
That i can do something with my own life
And look at him, he did. So why can't I?
He also served as a catalyst for a gay movement.
And inspired a great amount of people. I'm actually trying to follow in his footsteps and be a leader
and you know,
Just go for what he was going for,
Just for equality and to help out everybody.
He wanted people to know that there are other gay people out there
and that it was ok
That it was even good.
He allowed me to say,
Yeah, you know what, I'm gay
That doesnt define me
That's just part of who I am
The University actually does a really good job with gay issues
We have the Pride Alliance
The Gender and Sexuality Concerns office and now we have an LGBT
resource center on campus. So there's definitely a strong
backbone of an LGBT community here. There's been LGBT rights organizations
on our campus
since the seventies.The Pride Alliance is celebrating its 39th year this year.
So that's almost forty years. That's right like when Harvey Milk was being an
activist. We were being activists here in Albany.
but we didnt really have a lot of administration
that was openly celebrating our history of being pioneers for LGBT rights and stuff
And I think its so great that we are now. I told my parents, I said, you know
This is a big deal, this is like
it's about time
That's he recognized.
It will bring a tear to my eye because this is like the one thing I wanted to see
You know I wanted to go to this college because Harvey Milk graduated here.
I can't imagine the generations that will come through these doors
and walk by his picture
Who will take pictures with his picture. I know that will be
truly amazing
and profound thing for future generations to come.
If Harvey was here,
I would just simply like to thank him
Thank him for what he's done for everybody. Thank you for letting dream big
because there's nothing better than that.
I want my generation to leave a mark
on this world. If you want something to change,
You need to go out there and get it done.It gives me hope
and that is something that
he really tried to do to influence people
He really tried to get people to still have hope..
and it's not just hope that someday something will happen its
It's hope in the now. You have to be here in the now because it's happening
right now
and Harvey's just a much a part of it now than he was then.
So, for me
you know that's what it's all about it's about that hope and moving forward and
being in the now because
You can't wait till later anymore. It has to happen now.
The hope lives on with me.
The hope lives on with me. The hope lives on with me. With me. With me.
And the hope lives on with you.