Commissioner's Customer Service Award Winners 2012

Uploaded by TheNSWPolice on 08.11.2012

I feel very humbled to receive the award for customer service, whilst
I received the recognition, it's not really for myself,
it's for the many many police, ViPs and support staff I work with,
without them,
there'd be no recognition to speak of
Lake Illawarra can be a very very violent command, the police at one part of the shift
may go to a
brawl, where
there's hostile people, hostile crowds trying to injure those people,
the problem being
those same police will then deal with a decent member of the community
and we need to instill the fact that's what they're doing
Ninety-nine percent of our customers are great people who support police
It's imperative
that the senior management team including myself
practice what we preach
We need to push the customer service
from our level down through the sergeant level down to constable to the track
They represent me personally, they also represent the organisation directly,
so as a result of that
we need to get the constable in the truck thinking
along the lines of customer service
and it comes down to treating people the way you would expect to be treated and that's all
it is, simply treating people with respect
listening to people
and doing the best we can do the path of people
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